Who can come?

…who comes to clown school?

Where do we start?

IMG_8713They are from all walks of life. They range in age from 18 to 80 and come in every size and color!

They come from almost every profession you can imagine.

We’ve had pastors, a professional NFL photographer, healthcare workers, massage therapists, managers, executives, firemen and even some professional clowns.

Some have never had a clown class in their life! They end up in the show on the final evening, side by side with the veterans!

DSC_4666They are often fearful of new challenges, and yet strangely willing to try something new!

Taking the Big Leap!

They love to play when the opportunity presents itself.

Some come to make new clown friends and pick up a few new pointers for their already thriving clown business.

Others come because they have very specific goals in mind. They want to be a better hospital clown, or to have a chance to work with the former Ringling clowns on a circus gag.

IMG_8097We encourage students to come with plans and desires. It makes it easier for us to try and fill their expectations.

Students come from all over the U.S. and sometimes from places like Iceland, or Africa, or the Bahamas, or New Zealand, Japan…

Some come feeling like they have been different all their life. Generally they meet people at camp who understand them and their values, and they feel better.

It is a strange phenomenon but it sure is wonderful to see.

Many come with a friend or two, But every one leaves with a longer list of friends. Some last a week, some a lifetime.

DSC_2196All are welcome! There is something for everyone here.