Stacey Kuhn

My name is Stacey Long-Kuhn.  Today, I am a business owner, and behavior analyst/school psychologist who works to help families impacted by Autism find ways to learn skills and to grow and prosper as a family.  In addition, I facilitate the training of other clinicians through one-on-one coaching and team building to support families in reaching these goals. 

But before this chapter of my life, I was Sugar Pop — part of the clown duo  “The Comedic Engineers”.  My partner in this endeavor was my father, Peachey Keene.  (You may have heard of him…he was head and shoulders above many in the clown world — literally)  From the time I was 8 years old until my 30’s, we performed in our home town and across the country impacting the lives of children, families and others who loved our chosen profession. 

While dad stayed involved in the world of clowning, I stepped away from that life to follow a different path; but without a doubt, clowning made me who I am today.  It taught me skills that I still use day in and day out in my current profession: poise, creative thinking, humor as medicine, and so much more.  

I am choosing to take part in the Clown Summit at Mooseburger Camp because I know that this profession needs to continue: free from stereotypes, stigma, and ridicule.  I am passionate about helping because although I am no longer living the life day-to-day, I know the passion for the art must be rekindled, so that young and old alike can be reminded of what a #realclown is all about!

Clown Summit MAIN COURSE (Stacy Kuhn & Co.)

Be a mover and a shaker! At the Clown Summit, you will not only be part of the conversation, but you will also bring back to your clubs and organizations concrete solutions which you can implement right away. We want to put the tools in your hands so you can help change the tone of what the world thinks of when they hear the word “clown”.  Our facilitators will be able to guide the conversation to practical and actionable suggestions, and then funnel those into a plan.  We will provide the resources necessary to send that plan home with you so you can get the rest of your club members on board. After The Clown Summit, we will follow up with emails and conference calls to see how well the methods are working. Mooseburger will provide support while the plan is being implemented and will act as the nexus for all the organizations to communicate with each other during the project.