Sandy Kephart

Sandy Kephart

Sandy Kephart is an Alumni that just can’t get enough of the Mooseburger Camp wacky (dysfunctional?) family and keeps coming back.

She was first introduced to clowning as a college Art student where, in a design class, the students were challenged to design their face considering bone structure and muscle movement.  Little did Sandy realize at the time what doors a red nose and a kind heart would open. She is most recognized for her compassion and creative approach to ministry, teaching, children’s programming, clowning, and airbrush face painting.  Sandy is an advocate for children and it is her mission to inspire children to be creative, embrace their unique talents and gifts, and to challenge them to use those gifts to serve God and others.

She works full time in Children’s Ministry at her local church and in the Christian church at large during her mission trips to India. Through Maizy, she touches lives of children around the world with love and hope.

2019 Afternoon Workshop:

Vacation Bible School and Ministry Skits (Sandy Kephart) Thurs. 1:45

Sandy has produced successful VBAs for many years and will share the secrets of her success with you. She will cover curriculum, decorations, performances, ready-made programs, volunteers, props, resources, and more. In this workshop, she will discuss what clowning tools of the trade can be used to get a religious message across to adults and children. She will give examples of funny religious skits and there will be time for brainstorming.