Neal Skoy


Neal Skoy wanted to be a professional clown since he was 4 years old, saying “I wanted to go to Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey Clown College so bad! It was my “Never-Never-Land’ to be somewhere surrounded by clowns; learning, living, breathing, and practicing the art form that I love with all my heart.”

Little did he know that growing up in Minnesota would prove to be convenient when Clown College closed in 1997. Neal got heavily involved in theater going through school and found a second passion in acting. Drawing inspirations from Laurel and Hardy, Buster Keaton, Bill Irwin, and Jerry Lewis — Neal discovered that most of his comedic heroes of the stage and screen also went by the title of “clown.” In 2004 and 2005 Neal attended the Mooseburger Caravan Conventions in Las Vegas and won Best Skit with Dustin Portillo, current Boss Clown on Ringling’s Red Unit. Neal found his own personal “never-never-land” when he attended Moose Camp in 2005.

After graduating High School, Neal got a contract to live his dream as a Professional Ringling Brothers and Barnum and Bailey Circus Clown. He toured from 2006-2007 with the blue unit, then came home to go back to school for theater. Still thirsty for clown performance, Neal signed on with Circus World Museum in Baraboo, Wisconsin and continues to appear there. Neal has also become an accomplished actor in the Twin Cities, named “Best New Actor” by Metro Magazine and continues to appear in notable venues. He has been all over the country with Ringling Brothers, Shrine Circuses, and Physical Comedian appearances — he also was invited to take part in the AEMI Clown Festival in Hangzhou, China.

Currently, Neal is clowning more as a physical comedian in theater gigs and has an interactive street character named Pluto at the Minnesota Renaissance Festival. Neal is a true clown at heart.

Neal says:

People that want to better themselves as clowns at Mooseburger Clown Camp are SO incredibly… wise. The opportunity that campers get here is remarkable; and for someone to say I can be better, — it’s such a brave and honest step toward recognizing the work, love, discipline, and art that goes into clowning.

2019 Afternoon Workshops:

Slapstick! (Neal Skoy) Wed. 4:00

Falling down is funny, only if you can get back up! Learn the fundamentals of slapstick comedy from one of the finest in the clown world. Neal will teach the basics of this very physical kind of humor, without damaging your body. You must be physically fit to take this workshop.

Mask – Physical Vocabulary and Pantomime (Neal Skoy) Thurs. 3:00

As a clown you need to use your whole body to communicate. When you put on a mask, you limit the expressions of the face, so it needs to transfer out to the body as a more physical vocabulary. We will explore ways to speak ith body and actions, as well as the mask, and see how that can inform our clowning for a richer performance.

Prop Comedy (Neal Skoy) Fri. 2:00

Clowning is about being in the moment and thinking on your feet. It often involves props and using items around you. Learn Neal’s special techniques to make everyday objects a great partner in your performances. Whether it is a prop you bring on stage or items you find around you, Neal will help your create great ideas and skills to make it all funny.