Mike Fixer

Mike Fixer

As a kid, Mike Fixer dabbled in clowning for fun.  During this time, he first learned of Ringling Brothers Clown College and had hopes of attending the school after high school.  As the realities of high school and then college set in, Mike set his dreams of Clown College aside but resumed clowning as a hobby in 1980 while at Western New England University where he earned a BSBA in Business Management.

Throughout the 80’s, Mike continued to hone his clowning skills by meeting and learning from other local clowns, joining a COAI alley, attending various clown conventions, and performing at parties and corporate events and in parades and various clown shows.  Several times in the late 80’s, Mike was a guest clown on Robert’s Brothers Circus before resuming his dream of attending RBBC Clown College.

In 1990, Mike was accepted into and graduated from Clown College and went on to become part of the Clyde Beatty Cole Brothers Circus Clown Alley in 1993.  Mike has also served on the Board of Directors for Clowns of America International., Inc. and was a regular clowning and props columnist for LaughMakers, a family entertainers, variety arts magazine.

While still keeping a hand in clowning, most of Mike’s time these days is spent as Assistant Treasurer of The Hartford Financial Services Group.


2019 MAIN COURSE: Walkarounds, Routines, & Events

You’ve explored the basics of clown make-up, character development, and costuming.  Now, you’re ready to take the next step.  But, how do you pull it all together into a performance?  Where do you go?  What do you do?  Join Mike to explore the next steps to becoming a successful Clown.  Learn how to create your own comic props and routines, whether performing solo, with a partner, or with a group.   Gain an understanding of various types of walk-around props and where you can find items you can use to develop your own personal gags and routines.  Spend some time with Mike to acquire information about some of the places and types of events where you can put your clown training and skills to use.  Top all of this off with the data you need to help you successfully book your performances and you’re on your way to successful, fun-filled entertainment experiences for both you and your audiences.

2019 Afternoon Workshops:

Fill Your Pockets and Walk Around (Mike Fixer) Wed. 4:00

You just booked your first picnic!  What will you do?  Or, maybe it’s a walk-around party gig.  What can you do?  It could be that close-up show that is running a little fast and you’re running a little short on material.  What to do?  Pocket gags may be just the thing!  Get ideas for filling your pockets and having fun with your audience.

Parade Performance with Props – Do’s & Don’ts (Mike Fixer) Thurs. 1:45

Looking for a great parade experience?  This course will set the stage for having a great time entertaining parade audiences and working with your parade props.  Join the discussion and learn about the important considerations when booking, preparing for, and performing in parades.

Brainstorming: Creating Your Comic Ideas (Mike Fixer) Fri. 2:00

Do you think you lack creativity? Feel your creativity has dried up? Does it take a long time to come up with new ideas for props and routines? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you are not alone. Most of us go through creative dry spells.  Learn how brainstorm to break out of those dry spells to begin creating new props and routines for your clown character, clown alley, or that special event you just booked.