Julia Bothun

julia-bothunJulia Bothun grew up surrounded by performers (she is the daughter of Tricia Manuel, after all), so it’s no surprise that she should take to clowning like a duck to water. With a childhood steeped in circus lore, Julia worked hard to discover her own voice and character. She developed a love for playing music and singing as well as clowning. After high school, Julia toured with Ringling Bros and Barnum & Bailey Circus for three years. Not one to stay inactive for long, she now assists her mother with curriculum planning, gag writing, clown conventions, and working with the local clown club.

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2019 Afternoon Workshops:

Modern Make-Up for Today’s Clown (Julia Bothun) Thurs. 1:45

Time flies like an arrow; fruit flies like a banana. Times are changing and makeup is too! There are so many more brands and types of makeup to use as well as new ways to use what we already have. This class will be all about how to make your makeup more current. BUT just because modern clowns are sometimes using a minimal makeup doesn’t mean that’s the only way. This class is all about knowing what your options are, and hopefully giving you some new ones as well!

Silly Songs and Fun with the Ukelele (Julia Bohun) Thurs. 3:00

This class is for anyone thinking “I learned a few chords! Now what?” We will learn some basic songs you can use anywhere in your clowning. These could be used in hospitals, birthday parties, parades, and any sing along. This class is open to all levels of ukulele knowledge because no matter where you are at, you will have a new song to take home!

Clown Make-up Lab: Eye Shapes and Details (Julia Bothun) Fri. 2:00

The eyes are the window to the soul, so that makes the shape of makeup around the eye the window pane! Picking the right shape is important and requires some trial and error. In this lab we will focus on eye shape, eyebrows, and details around the upper half of the face. If you already have a makeup you like, you are still welcome! This lab is about trying new shapes and seeing what works best with your shape. If you don’t have a set makeup, that’s okay too! Bring a picture or two of something you’d like to try (or at least start from) and we’ll go from there.