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Iman Lizarazu

The SHORT version:

Iman is an Eccentric Performer, combining a variety of clowning skills into one art form. She teaches workshops in Eccentric Performing, Comedia del Arte, Juggling, and Circus Skills.  This broad palette enables her to craft little stories, create problems within those stories, and then solve the problems in unexpected, unusual, and delightful ways. She is a clown, an artist, and prankster. She loves the beautiful things in life and she loves bringing laughter and joy to the lives of those around her. She has been performing all her life, and professionally for over 20 years.

clown imanThe LONG version:

Iman Lizarazu was born in a small village in the Basque region of France, where her family has lived for over 800 years. Iman’s early years were spent in both the Basque Country in the southwest of France and in Moscow, where her father worked with the Bolshoi Ballet. Here she began her training in classical ballet, and received a strong foundation in ballet and choreography. During these years, Iman was most often at the Moscow Circus training gym, learning circus arts from a bygone era.
As a teen in Dresden, Germany, she studied at the Circus School and continued honing her juggling skills. Iman went on to earn a PhD in Astrophysics with Honors from the Max Plank Institute in Munich in 1995. She has studied at the School of Mime with Marcel Marceau, and with Masters Julie Goell and Avner the Eccentric. This background helped Iman combine her training with her rich cultural background, resulting in compelling performances.
Iman has been active in Clowns Without Borders since its inception in 1993, and has visited refugee camps, orphanages, hospital, and prisons in Kosovo, St. Petersburg, Cuba, Nairobi, Somalia, Haiti, and the United States. She is passionate about clowning and dedicates her time and considerable energy to exploring and honing her craft. Iman’s solo show, Comedia del Arte, has been performed locally, nationally, and internationally to wide acclaim. 

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Iman has this to say about teaching:

imanlizarazu“My course is designed to expand your ability to create, and promote your capacity to solve problems in unusual ways. For performers, this course will help you build complicity with the audience, and give you fresh ideas for new material and expand your existing work. This course is intended to enrich and enhance each participant’s outlook and imagination.”


2019 MAIN COURSE: Eccentric Clown Characters

Back by popular demand! If you missed the opportunity to learn from my course two years ago, this is your second chance! This course will use the same approach I taught with previously, but the new focus will be on your unique clown character. We will address three areas: balance and control of the space, meeting and establishing complicity with the audience and with partners, and problem solving as a method of working on stage. After this introduction, we will explore ways of creating material and finding character. The focus is on activating the internal emotional state of the audience and helping the actor to always be interested rather than interesting.

* Course size is limited to the first 6 students who register for it.

NOTE: It is recommended that you have the basics of clown make-up and character developed before taking this Course.

2019 Afternoon Workshops:

Comic Juggling (Iman Lizarazu) Fri. 2:00

So you have the basic skill mastered, but you have no idea how to use your clown character while juggling, right? Come learn some simple moves, bits, and shtick to add the fun and the funny to your juggling routine and get more mileage out of this great skill! If you have juggling supplies, bring them.

Eccentric Comic Movement (Iman Lizarazu) I-Thurs. 1:45, II- Thurs. 3:00

If it’s time for a fresh perspective, this two-part workshop will take you leaps and bounds from your TYPICAL clown character. Iman’s extensive training and experience will give you rich insights into using physical comedy to bring new life to your character. Be prepared to explore movement that will shed a whole new light on your clowning! (You do not have to take both sessions, but you must attend session one to attend session two.)

Puppetry with Iman (Iman Lizarazu) Wed. 4:00

Puppets and clowns speak much of the same language, communicating mostly through body movement, posture, and attitude. Come explore the eccentric side of puppets with Iman and see how they can take your work to a new level.