2019 Guest Lecturers

Besides our amazing regular staff, we like to bring in specialists to share their insight on topics. Here are a few people you’ll see at camp lending a hand or stepping up to teach something special:

Dennis Burkholder

Dennis Burkholder is Chief Moose at Mad Moose Media, with 20+ years of experience in marketing, social media, and advertising, but has always been a clown at heart. He started clowning his freshman year in college as a youth minister and joined the Shriners in 1999. Dennis received the Shriners’ Imperial Potentate Medallion and has won 4 awards for social media and newsletter design. He is the first recipient of the Red Skelton Award for his marketing and community service. Dennis speaks on a national basis on marketing and social media. His down to earth approach to marketing and social media has a proven success record.

Making the Most of Media Fri. 2:00

Looking to upgrade your social media pages? Don’t understand social media? Web Site challenged? Whether you understand social media or are just beginning to find your feet, this class will help you understand how to apply concepts and best practices to run effective social media campaigns that yield ROI and meet your objectives. You will learn the pillars of digital marketing such as content marketing, SEO, paid advertising, video and data analytics. For each student that does not have a business profile on social media, we will help you setup your account for you.  

Don Bursell

Don Bursell presented his first show at 12 years old and, for the next five years, he performed around Minnesota with The Variety II Review. After one year of college, Don opted to chase his dream of circus life by working with Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey Circus. Sadly, after only 6 months on the road he was forced to leave because of severe allergies and life threatening asthma complications. Soon afterward, he moved to California to work as an entertainer for the Disney Corporation. Now Don presents family and corporate shows as DonB! Entertainment. Don also presents ministry events around the country as DonB! Ministries, sharing his faith through his entertaining shows. He is a 2-time National Unicycle Champion and can juggle as many as 6 objects at one time! Don’s comedy programs include juggling, unicycles, and illusions, presented in a clean and comedic show that audiences remember for a long time.

Object Lessons with Simple Balloons Wed. 4:00

Even if you’ve never twisted a balloon before, you WILL be able to make and use these Christian object lessons in your clown ministry work. You’ll learn to tell about the Armor of God, how to be Fishers of Men, The Promise God made to Noah, a visual lesson of eternal choices, a magical balloon penetration, Sin/Son (my favorite), and how to utilize a simple flower basket in many different messages. There is a single page handout available to class attendees.

The Creative Mind – Brainstorming & More! Thurs. 3:00

With 1000s of different clown skits and magic tricks available to us, why do so many people choose to do the same few things over and over? How can you make your performance different from everyone else’s? How can you come up with creative ideas? Where do you look? Who do you talk to? Don will give you a truckload of ways to be creative, and will show many of the oddball things he has developed, or found, over his 37 years of performing.  If you say, “I don’t have a creative bone in my body,” Don will show you differently.  You ARE creative, and Don will prove it! This class is taken entirely from Don’s ever-growing book, The Creative Mind.

Randy Christensen

Randy Christensen recently was awarded the title “Master Clown” by the World Clown Association for his excellence in performance. Inspired by old-time renowned professionals, like Charlie Chaplin and Red Skelton, Randy brings good, clean fun to audiences of all ages today. With experience in Circus, hometown, and ministry clowning, audiences find themselves enthralled with Randy’s incredible presentations full of heart and humor.

The Body Speaks – Comic Movement Wed. 4:00

Over 50% of what a person communicates is non-verbal. Randy teaches mime-based concepts that help with physical communication on stage and also up close and personal. It’s an interesting, insightful, effective class on body language based on the Del Sarte and DeCrouix mime concepts.

Brian Fason

Brian Fason started hanging out a bunch of clowns when he became a Zamora Shriner in 2001. From there, his passion for clowning grew. Through various events Brian saw how fun clowning can be and how much joy it can bring to people. Soon after that Brian discovered a local clown school in his area called Clowns Care. Under the direction of Annette Darragh, Brian attended the 13 week program in the basics of clowning and Fazo (Clown Extraordinaire) was born. Brian first came to Moose Camp in 2015 and discovered the wonders of hospital clowning. In 2016 Brian became executive producer and boss clown of The Bingo Show, a twice weekly hospital program at the UAB Hospital in Birmingham.

BINGO! How To Do A Program In Hospitals & Nursing Homes Thurs. 3:00

Brian Fason (Fazo the clown) has a successful Bingo program running in a Alabama hospital! Learn how to set one up at your local hospital or nursing home! It’s fun it’s doable with Fazo ‘s how to list! Let’s keep the clowns in our health facilities! The Bingo show is a great idea for you and your clown club.

Brian Ivory

Brian “Dr. Bubbly” Ivory is the director of Mott Honors College and the founder of the Mott Campus Clowns. Brian is a 1987 graduate of the Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey Clown College. He worked as a professional clown until 1994 when he began his doctoral pursuit at Ohio State University. In 2011 he “un-retired” from clowning to recruit and train the Mott Campus Clowns, a 12-member troupe he started as part of an honors course (Social Diversity and Civic Engagement) he teaches at Mott Community College (MCC).

How to Teach a Clown Class Thurs. 1:45

Interested in teaching a course on clowning in your community? This workshop will provide participants “how to” tips for teaching clowning in academic settings such as community colleges, four-year universities, and community education. Topics to be addressed include: (a) proposing both credit and non-credit courses, (b) developing a course outline and syllabus, (c) recruiting students to fill the roster, and (d) coordinating learning opportunities outside the classroom (e.g., clowning in public settings). Handouts will be provided.

Make Me Laugh! The Art of Joke Telling Thurs. 3:00

Telling jokes is an important clowning skill to entertain audiences both young and old. This interactive session will focus on how select, refine, and deliver jokes (e.g., meet-and-greet, parades) that best convey your clown character. Knock-knock jokes, criss-cross jokes, and telling jokes in tandem with a partner will be covered. A handout with 800 clown-friendly jokes will also be provided.

Ron Severini

Ron Severini, Executive Producer of Castle Entertainment, Inc., has over 50 years of experience in the entertainment industry, arranging extraordinary talent for some of the world’s most varied and unique events. He is a former Dean of RBBB Clown College (he was Tricia’s dean!) and spent over 20 years with Feld Entertainment (Circus, Clown College, Siegfried & Roy, Disney on Ice) as well as the Talent Casting Director of Walt Disney World. Ron has traveled the US and around the globe scouting out the best talent in the world. Ron is also the author of several books on clowns and circus.

SPECIAL PRESENTATION: American Circus Clown Wed. 8:00pm