Fred Baisch

DSC_1579Fred Baisch is an award winning clown as well as an accomplished magician. He owns one of the largest magic shops in the world, Twin Cities Magic, in St. Paul Minnesota.

We are thrilled that Fred takes time from his busy schedule to be with us at Moose Camp. Fred is a big part of our Dealer Room he brings a huge magic shop to Moose Camp along with everything you need in magic, balloons, puppets and more. Then he breaks out all of his personal favorites and trade secrets and hauls them up to the classroom to share in his comedy magic course.

Fred has been a perfect addition to Moose Camp. He fits in perfectly with his giving teaching style, his real love of being a clown himself, and his chance to mess around and laugh with all of us instead of being trapped in his huge magic shop! Fred is teaching the course on Comedy Magic, of course!

He and his super-helper daughter, Katie Baisch, became part of the gang the first day they were here. We expect to keep them around for years to come!

2019 MAIN COURSE: Magic for Clowns

Learn a little of everything in this course.  Fred will show you basic manipulation and misdirection, pocket magic, funny shtick, patter for gags, and bits of business for performers. He will also give you LOTS of ideas for routines! This course will give you lots of ideas for meet & greets and walk-around clowning. He has decades of experience doing birthday parties and corporate events, so be sure to take notes! You will come away with plenty of practical material you can use right away when you get home. Don’t just be a clown who does magic, be a magical clown!

NOTE: It is recommended that you have the basics of clown make-up and character developed before taking this Course.