Events at Clown Camp

clown school

You didn’t think clown camp was just going to be a bunch of lectures and labs, did you?

We have lots of fun stuff planned from sun-up to sun-down!

Outside of the Main Courses and Afternoon Workshops, every hour is packed with opportunities for you to stretch your funny muscles, try a new skill, or laugh yourself silly.

You can find the time and location of all these events on our clown camp schedule

clown danceEccentric Dance

Get ready to shake a tail feather! Karen Hoyer will show you how to be comfortable in your own skin. Be prepared to limber up and laugh out loud. Don’t worry about your inability to dance of follow the beat. This is CLOWN dancing — we are all going to look goofy. This is great practice for the All Star Clown Show dancing!

cow-kisses-gagHow to Rehearse!

This is an invaluable class to anyone cast in the All Star Clown Show, and that’s everybody. You’ll learn the basics of teamwork, blocking, entrances and exits, timing, and handling critique. Yep, this class is pretty mandatory — believe us , you don’t want to miss it!

wheelchair clownSuccessful Meet & Greet

Use your eyes instead of your ego to engage the public. Learn to read your audience the same way you learned how to read the road in Drivers Education!

Your audience is telling you how they are reacting to you as a clown, your job is to successfully understand what they are saying to you through voice and body language.

Prop Shop

We have created the prop shopperfect prop workshop. This will be open every day, all day long so you can work at your own pace. Mike Fixer is the master of props, with his wacky and zany ideas, from using everyday objects to great parade props! His enthusiasm is sure to spark a few great ideas of your own. We have the supplies, the ideas, and the expert staff to help you create wonderful props. The price is minimal; the experience is fabulous!

Mike’s prop shop will be filled with Make It and Take it props. You will be able to purchase kits with all the needed supplies to make a number of great props, such as: Parade boards, Third-Arm Puppets, and Crazy Clown Kazoo Horns! Props started in the afternoon workshops can be finished through-out the week, so visit the Prop Shop often to complete your project.

class clownsStaff Show

Bring a camera, because this will be your only chance to see the staff in their costumes and makeup. They’ll be performing pieces that will showcase their specialties, plus other crazy fun stuff to entertain you and display all different aspects of the Art of Clowning.

After Tuesday, they leave the make-up off and turn the focus on you and your education for the rest of the week. It’s the best way to kick off Mooseburger Clown Camp!

stretchesWake Up Wiggles

Good Morning! Nothing gets you in a good mood better than a joyful, pumping heart. Start the day off right and limber up! Mooseburger Clown Camp Alumni and staff will put you through easy and fun stretches to help you get ready for the rest of the day. Low-impact enough for any age; no experience required. Wear comfy clothes, supportive shoes, and bring a water bottle.

clown tableClown Round Table Chat w/Staff

Every morning before breakfast, you are welcome to get up early and join us in the Blue Room for an informal chat about clowning. Each morning will feature a different team of staff members. You’ll get inspired, hear fun clown history, and learn a lot! Pour a cup of coffee and sit in for this “early bird” special!

An Evening Chat with Guest Lecturers

Every year we invite our “special guest stars” to share their experiences in clowning and life. What they choose to do is up to them – we’ve seen everything from puppet shows, to heart-warming tales to inspire us, to strings of jokes that made us laugh until we cried. What will they perform for us? It’s a surprise! There will be a Question-and-Answer session after the performance. Feel free to ask them anything. This is a rare chance to really get to know our staff in a more personal way. Sometimes these chats go late, so feel free to come in your PJs!

pricilla mooseburgerAn Evening with Pricilla Mooseburger

Back in the 1990s when Master Clown Frosty Little was still with us, we would feature him putting on his makeup and costume, all the while regaling us with stories of what it was like in Clown Alley on the circus. With his passing, we’ve replaced the event with a similar one featuring Pricilla. She has some great circus stories to tell, some funny, some touching, all inspiring. Bring a camera!

Theme Party

In the past, we have always hosted some silly social event on Wednesday night, including a Hobo Stew, Clown Prom, Disco Dance, and Wacky Family Picnic. This year the theme is under wraps! Dress up as your favorite aquatic critter or sea-cruising tourist.  It’s a chance to get a little wacky and show your creative side. Character costumes to the theme are encouraged, but not required. No clown make-up needed! No pressure – dress up, dress down, or just be a wall-flower and watch the goings-on, but we can tell you it’s a lot more fun when you jump in and join the festivities. We’ll have lots of fun music for you to dance to.

clown partyAfter-Glow Patio Party

After your hard-working performance in All Star Clown Show on Saturday, you’ll be hungry and hyper! Jump into comfy clothes (feel free to leave your clown makeup on if you wish) and join us on the Mooseland Patio. We’ll be bringing in yummy party foods for you to munch on, and playing lots of fun dance music. It’s the perfect way to unwind with dancing and snacking!

chaplin filmsLate Night Movies – aka “Insomniac Theater” –

If you’re still not tired by the time the Nighttime Chats with Staff and Magic Jams are over, we’ll be showing movies and videos in the Red Mezz. You’ll see cartoons, silent movies, ventriloquist videos, circus footage, stand-up comedians, and more. Come in your pajamas and bring a pillow!

And don’t forget about these fun events, too:

You can find the date, time, and location of all these great events on our clown camp schedule