Clown Summit at Mooseburger Camp

serious clown summitWho ever thought the day would come when we would need to protect clowning?

The Clown Summit at Mooseburger Camp will address the serious issues facing clowns today.

The sad and pathetic trend of the “scary clown” has been poisoning the minds of Americans for years, but recently the problem has gotten worse.

Now it is affecting our livelihood and our vocation.

We need to PROMOTE, PROTECT, AND PRESERVE the Art of Clowning now and for generations to come.

clown summit

Clowns do a GREAT job at telling jokes, but we do a poor job communicating serious issues.

The time has come for us to join forces in order to decide how we will address the issues facing clowns in this new hostile environment.

Will you help the cause?
Or will you let clowns continue to be bullied?
Don’t let clowning become a dying art.
Join the fight!
We need your voice. We need your ideas.

Here is how you can get involved in the Clown Summit:

The first step is to answer the survey questions:


Join our special “Clown Summit” email list by sending a request to with “clown summit” in the subject line or by signing up here: can get in on the ground floor of the movement as it gains momentum. Get involved at the grass-roots level and make sure your voice is heard. Your suggestions will be collected this summer and brought to the Clown Summit.
If you want to be a part of the discussion, you should fill out the survey.

What is this Clown Summit all about?

FAQ: Here are some answers!

Q – How will this change Mooseburger camp?  

A – In essence, it won’t. We are adding a main morning course called the Clown Summit. There will be afternoon workshops added to the schedule, and an evening session. But in the long term, we’re hoping that the efforts put into the Clown Summit will have far-reaching effects for the future of clown arts — and in that regard, it will change for Mooseburger Camp (and all clown training in the United States) for the better.

Q – Who is leading the Clown Summit? 

A – Stacy Long-Kuhn (former professional clown and daughter of Steve “Peachey Keene” Long) will be our facilitator. Stacy has a history as a professional clown, so she understands our issues. She gets it! She is now a behavioral specialist and has experience in facilitating these types of sessions. We will also have special guests who will step in to guide the conversation when their area of expertise comes up.

Q – Who can take part in the Clown Summit?

A – Anyone can attend. Leadership-minded people will be most interested. Information we have collected throughout the year will be given to the course attendees. Ideas will be generated to be shared with all the clown organizations and the clown public at large to help us preserve, promote, and protect the art of clowning for generations. Most specifically targeting education, the media, encouragement, recruitment, and advocacy.

Q – What if I don’t want to use my main course up for the Clown Summit BUT I still want to participate? 

A – Good news! There will be afternoon workshops on the Clown Summit as well for folks who do not want to devote their mornings to the Summit experience. We will also be having daily updates from the Summit course attendees during the evenings.

Q – Why pay to come to camp to talk about clowning?

A – Great question! We won’t just be talking about the state of clowning, we will be working on ideas with a list of action items. These ideas will be shared with the clown community.  The scary clown issue is not going away. We need to be more proactive. The money you pay also goes towards your food, lodging, entertainment, and more. If you want, you can stay off campus and only attend the Summit Course in the morning. But it’s a better value to participate in the entire camp experience: attend the Clown Summit in the morning, go to workshops in the afternoon, participate in the fun events in the evening, bond with your fellow clowns all week long. Take a look at our schedule; you’ll see it’s pretty amazing! Plus: everyone gets to be in the All Star Clown Show. Yep. No auditions necessary!

Q – What — no special guest star this year???

A – The Clown Summit sort of IS the star of this year’s camp. BUT there will be guest lecturers just for 2019! Some of them include Randy Christiansen and Ron Severini. You will enjoy their special presentations! There will be plenty of surprises for this year. For example: we are bringing back the Clown Game Show! Also news-worthy: Iman Lizarazu and other new staff are joining us in 2019!

Q – Why not do this in an independent location?

A – Cost. Putting on an event is expensive. Mooseburger Camp is already been in existence for 23 years. Setting up an independent event with its own location, staff, website, and advertising would make a separate event very expensive. This way all of the effort for the Clown Summit can piggy-back on Mooseburger Camp’s shoulders this year. You see, Mooseburger Camp will happen no matter how many people come to participate in the Summit. In all honesty, we feel that Mooseburger Camp truly is a neutral ground for organizations to convene because it means that representatives from World Clown Association (WCA), Clowns of America International (COAI), International Shrine Clown Association (ISCA), regional clubs, and individual alleys can all have equal footing with unbiased facilitators who have experience with both clowning and strategic planning. In comparison to a weekend convention which may only give 45 minutes to a panel discussion, Mooseburger Camp will offer a dedicated space and adequate time to cover every issue. We also have the resources to turn your ideas into actionable plans.  We would love to see the Summit move on to a different location each year hosted by different organizations. We are willing to be the first to get the ball rolling!

What are the problems plaguing the clown community?

  • “Scary clown” masks and costumes readily available in stores.
  • Pranksters dressing up as “scary clowns” on purpose and attacking people.
  • Well-meaning innocent new clowns who have yet to perfect their makeup, creating an accidental “scary clown” face without meaning to.
  • Misinformed media spreading inaccurate information to the masses.
  • Real clowns encountering rudeness and bullying in person and in social media.

What are the solutions? Here are some ideas we will be discussing:

  • Activism for addressing the chain stores carrying “scary clown” masks and costumes.
  • Training for new clowns to design a friendlier face and better application technique.
  • Education for journalists and anyone covering a story about “scary clowns”.
  • Help for clowns who are in the public eye when they are told “Clowns are creepy” or “I hate clowns.”
  • Positive moments and share-worthy photos, videos, and stories showing what a #REALCLOWN is.

What do you get?

  • If you attend the Clown Summit at Mooseburger Camp, you will not only be part of the conversation, but you will also bring back to your clubs and organizations concrete solutions which you can implement right away. We want to put the tools in your hands so you can help change the tone of what the world thinks of when they hear the word “clown”.
  • Our facilitator will be able to guide the conversation to practical and actionable suggestions, and then funnel those into a plan.
  • We will provide the resources necessary to send that plan home with you so you can get the rest of your club members on board.
  • After The Clown Summit, we will follow up with emails and conference calls to see how well the methods are working.
  • We will provide support while the plan is being implemented.
  • Mooseburger Office will act as the nexus for all the organizations to communicate with each other during the project.

Let’s put on a happy face!

We have to start now! Here’s what you need to do:

1. Sign up for Mooseburger Newz.

2. Take the survey and give us thoughtful answers.

3. Share this article on social media.

4. Include the hashtag #REALCLOWN in all of your social media posts about clowning.

5. Plan on being at The Clown Summit at Mooseburger Camp July 30 – August 4, 2019 to implement the ideas into a concrete plan.

6. Support Red Nose Readers (the first fruits of the Clown Summit) with your donation or by sharing their social media posts.