Christopher Hudert


Entertaining fits this guy like a glove. That might be a glove puppet or a clown glove, because Christopher’s had a hand in both for over 45 years.

He’s equally at home backstage as a builder, writer, or tech, or in front of the stage as a director, or off stage as an instructor, trainer, or goofball. Christopher Hudert attended Ringling’s famed Clown College (Class of ‘82, with Tricia) and traveled with the Circus for 9 years working on all 3 units, serving 4 of those years as Boss Clown on 2 units. He continues to do Special Events, Promotions, and PR for the Big Show, and is enjoying his 30+ year association with them.

After traveling with the Circus, Christopher co-founded Applause Unlimited, an entertainment company serving the greater Mid-Atlantic area, specializing in professional puppet shows, stilt walking, and clowning. Christopher is also the stilt trainer and a talent coach for Halloween Haunt at King’s Dominion (a Cedar Fair Park). He has been a featured instructor at Ringling’s Clown College, Advance Studies in Clowning, numerous Puppetry Festivals, and at Clown Conventions and Alleys across the country, and most importantly, here at Mooseburger Clown Arts Camp, teaching workshops on many aspects of both clown and puppet arts.

Christopher is the Stage Consultant for Puppeteers of America and serves on the Board of the National Capital Puppetry Guild. Tricia says that he performs the most delightful and heartfelt rendition of “The Velveteen Rabbit” to ever grace a stage.

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His is accompanied by his daughter Candace, who helps out with Wake-up Wiggles and elsewhere around Mooseburger Camp.

Christopher says:

I LOVE coming to Moose Camp. 100 or so ordinary people come to camp and wade into the experience, often until they are in WAY over their head, and they come out at the end of the week extraordinary people. It’s Clown Magic. As an instructor, coach, and director it’s a totally cool thing to share. And the best part is that I get as much out of the experience every year as the campers do. God bless Tricia. She cares so very much and runs one @#*! of a Camp with a well rounded program: Intensives, workshops, labs, one on one coaching, chats, special performances and more. If you don’t go, you don’t know what you are missing.