1. Patty Cake

    The luncheon was a collaboration between the Freestate Clown Alley #30 and the John Ringling North II/Steve and Ryan Tent #178. Our Alley has a history of sponsoring a luncheon for our Ringling Clown friends since about 2004. This year, one of our members worked with a group of developmentally disabled adults from the ARC Baltimore (Dundalk Center) and they so wanted to perform for the Ringling Clowns. The picture includes 12 members of our Alley, 11 members of the ARC, 7 clowns from the Red Alley along with Adam and Bonnie Seidon and Pierce! The Alley and Tent brought all the circus memorabilia they could and there was an awesome sharing of talent and memories created! Bump a nose and see you down the road!


    • Thank you so much for naming those good folks in the photo! I’m glad we could give credit where credit is due. Great job on getting it coordinated! And thanks for carrying on the tradition of the “free roll” for the Ringling clowns. They just love it. You guys are the best!! 🙂


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