1. Pat Elsenpeter

    Always liked clowns and wanted an outfit but have been surprised how many are afraid of clowns. Can’t figure that out. They bring so much joy.


  2. Thank you for the uplifting encouragement. In my area, I am the only clown left. Great for buisness, but there are a majority of people in my area that are “afraid” of clowns. I was about ready to put my red nose up and costume in a bag for good. But you have encouraged me to keep going and reminded me what is the purpose to be a clown. Thank you, Thank you :*0)

    P.S. I am working on getting to your clown camp hopefully soon, once the funds are in.


    • I’m honored and humbled. Thank you for continuing to be a smile warrior in the face of adversity.
      Keep up the great work, Rev!

  3. Amy Christensen

    Thank you so much for a wonderfully written article! I appreciate you sharing your expertise! I love that we are able to share joy in a world that seems to be spinning in hate and discontent! I love what you have to say! Blessings!


  4. My own kids and grandkids say “clowns are creepy!” Thank you for a very well written article! May I reprint some or all of it on my website? With full credit to you of course!


    • Thank you, Solana! Yes, feel free to share our articles. What is the address of your website?

      Please remember to cite the source and name, something along the lines of:
      Reprinted with permission from the October 2015 Mooseburger Newz, written by Tricia “Pricilla Mooseburger” Manuel at http://www.mooseburger.com

      Thank you very much for spreading my educational messages to your clown friends! Keep up the great work. Have a great day and bump a nose! 🙂

  5. Joanne Battaglia

    Thank you for reminding us of the impact our clown can have on people around us. By remaining mindful and present when clowning, I have found that it is possible to change the hearts of those we meet.
    Jojo Annie


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