1. Betsy Kallmeyer

    We made a skit with eye-pod, etc, and the opening line was, “Some of us clowns struggle with today’s technology”, then two clowns walk across the stage struggling to carry a sign that says “Today’s Technology”, tugging it like tug of war, dropping it, carrying it upside down, etc.

  2. Betsy Kallmeyer

    I carry my “eye pod” holding it up to my ear, dancing around, then when I get near someone, I act like I almost bumped into them (or bump into something else) and say something like, “oops, I was listening to my eye pod & wasn’t paying attention”, then, show it to them & put it back up to my ear & dance on. Or I walk around holding it to my ear and if someone says hi or something, I say, “What? I’m sorry I couldn’t hear you, I was listening to my eye pod”. People always laugh. Thanks for the prop idea and the how-to! It’s given birth to more “clown technology”, like my face book, E mail, & E book. Still trying to come up with a lap top…?

  3. Beverly Quinn

    Concerning your Balloon Bag tip–To take balloon creations to a party, rather than using a garbage bag or pillow case, I bought huge, colorful plastic gift bags for BIG gifts. I have 2 winter/Christmas bags and 2 with balloons and confetti. They were not expensive and much more colorful! I’ve used them repeatedly. It doesn’t take me as long at home to make a variety of critters so I don’t mind taking them.

  4. Joanne Battaglia

    I have a walkabout for the i-pod:
    -ask for a favorite song.
    – reply “I have that on my i-pod.”
    – pull it out!
    -repeat name of song…” Loading I n track 7! All aboard!”


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