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Moose Camp 2019 is in the review mirror. I will finally have the time to look at all the amazing pictures that our photographer Mary took during camp. I tend to put it off because it is kind of emotional for me. So much work goes into putting on the camp. I feel emotionally invested in each person who comes to camp. Our one on one PEP talks with each camper tends to do that to you. I hear your stories, hopes and ideas for what you want to achieve at camp and also dreams for your clown future.

This year we launched the Red Nose Reader program at camp.


It exceeded my expectations with 21 people signing up on the spot. They cleared their background checks and took home their shirts, Charter Member Pins, performance totes, membership cards and certificates! We are getting more memberships and are up to 36 Red Nose Readers from coast to coast! I will be teaching RNR at the Texas Clown Assoc. convention Wed. Sept. 25thin Fort Worth.

Needless to say it all takes a lot of planning. Without a plan you get nowhere. Remember I am the queen of the harebrained scheme!  I rarely look before I leap. Thankfully I have friends to help me. So what about you? What do you want to accomplish as a clown in the upcoming year? Clowns complain that they have no one local to clown with. Ok what are you going to do about it?

When you clown do you have a business card to hand out? This way you can keep in touch with other folks who may be interested in getting into clowning or having you at their event? Volunteers need cards too! has amazing sales. I just got my Red Nose Reader business cards for 50% off!

Use your Facebook for something other than posting pictures of your food! Let folks know what events you are going to BEFORE you go! Why not invite folks to go with you? They don’t need to be in clown. Let them be an assistant. You never know who might just need that little nudge to encourage them to clown up with you. Sometimes all it takes is an invitation!

Are you a Red Nose Reader? This is a meaningful venture. When people hear that I am going into schools to read to kids, promoting kindness and literacy they say, “that sounds like fun, I would like to do THAT!” It is part of the reason I need cards! I hope to get more people interested in clowning this year through Red Nose Reader.

Invite someone to your clown club meeting. Make it a point to have a visitor at each meeting. If you bring someone be sure it is worth going to! Have someone show 1 new balloon, one new face paint design, one new magic trick or walk around bit. Our club is trying to incorporate more rehearsing of skits into our meeting. We do a lot of shows at nursing homes in the winter, some shows in the summer too. It is time for us to work on our show. It is so easy to get side tracked with visiting that nothing really fun happens. Do your rehearsals or education first! Then save the last part of the meeting for the boring stuff.  I belong to a business group that requires a number of visitors each year. Good idea! That’s how we get members!

Have a fun and games night instead of a regular meeting. Kind of like an open house. See what fun things you could plan. “Clown for a night!” Have a costume ready and be able to put someone in make-up. Use face paints if you are not comfortable putting grease on someone. It makes for an easier clean up too. Teach them some simple skits, or how to make a balloon animal. Once they see how much fun it is it could easier than you think to get members.

No one is going to come to you and say, “Hey I want to be a clown.” You have to plan for it.

Another way to stay energized is to come to Moose Camp. That’s right. My campers tell me they make great friends from all over the country and stay connected through social media. This year I gave all the campers a reset button.

Everyone could use a reset! Sometimes we get into a rut. Moose Camp is the perfect place to recharge batteries, learn a new skill, make new friends, and have the laugh of a lifetime!

How many times do you think I hear folks say, “someday I’ll get to Moose Camp, it’s on my bucket list.”?

All. The. Time.

The folks that make it to camp, plan for it. Why not you? Sign up now for the biggest discounts!

Here are some of my favorite pictures from this year!   Just think, next year this could be you.


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