1. Mona

    Here in Arizona i freeze water bottles and put one in each front pocket of my inner pants next to my leg/groin veins. As it melts i can just reach in and drink it and by the end of the parade it’s all usually drinkable.
    I have gotten the skull cap and it does work too. Great ideas.

  2. Anita "Folly" Gerstle

    Love your “cool” ideas in your newsletter! Here is an additional way for clowns to keep their cool in the summer that I have used for many years. My “Clown Cooling Device” that I created in 2010: You’ll need a 4 3/4″ x 6 1/2 ” zippered neck wallet*, 1 qt. zipper storage bag; 2 paper towels;and 6 or 7 solid ice cubes. (Not fast-melt hollow or crushed ice – it melts too fast!)
    Unzip the deepest pocket of the neck wallet. (It has a rubberized coating on the inside.) Open the zip bag and insert it into the neck wallet’s deepest pocket, with the zipper at the top opening of the neck wallet. (This prevents the condensation from soaking your clothes.) Fold paper towel to fit in the zip bag. (This absorbs moisture and acts as insulation.) Fill zip bag with ice cubes, squeeze air out and zip the bag closed. (This keeps the plastic bag from poking you and feeling clammy on your bare skin.) Tuck the zipper part of the zip bag inside the neck wallet and zip it closed as well. Now you have your own personal “cooler”. No leaks or drips, just dry coolness. Place neck wallet around your neck or waist (next to your skin) and UNDER your clothing. (Most clown costumes are sized big enough or are loose-fitting enough to hide this pouch.) Depending on the outside temperature and how active you are, 6 or 7 ice cubes will keep you cool for a couple of hours or longer.
    *Neck wallet at Amazon.com “Constructed of 600 Denier with pvc backing. Sale price $5.95.”-AFG/2010


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