1. joellen shafer

    hi so glad I found you. thought clown camp was gone forever. Iwas at clown camp in wisconcin years ago what ever happened to snowflake and the others


  2. Hi Priscilla, I have been a clown since 2000. Four years ago when I retired as a junior high teacher I knew I wanted to continue my connection with children. Since then, my wonderful golden doodle Jack and I have visited our local elementary twice a week so the kids can read to him. I do not go in clown as it’s all about reading to Jack. The benefits to all have been immeasurable.It would be lovely to incorporate your Red Nose Readers concept into our visits as I have put clowning on the back burner these past couple of years. Would be very interested in your online course but am truly interested in developing children as readers. Do you see a fit for me? I taught clowning as an option for grade 7 students before I retired. Took kids to Clown Camp Wisconsin and was an education co-ordinator for the Edmonton Caring Clowns for several years. Would love to chat with you. What might be a good time to phone you this coming week. I live in Alberta. Thank you for all that you do…truly inspiring. Karen Baxter aka Rootin’Tootin’Newton.

  3. Big-J

    When I was born, I was diagnosed with a disability known as high functioning autism and had issues with people covering their faces, things like phones, a character called Props Boy on a NZ kids show and of course “clowns” used to terrify me as a child. That was till 2011 during sports day when I was 14, one teacher in my team dressed as a clown just without makeup of course, at first I didn’t know how to react but then started to slowly become more and more used to it and started thinking more positively about clowns.

    I am thankful for that teacher at my school dressing up as a clown on sports day because if it wasn’t for her then I would of never got used to clowns and get to meet amazing ones such as yourself.

    Just a curious question by the way, did you preform for any children with disabilities such as autism or anything like that?

  4. Mary Kraynik

    I am getting older, yes, and my whiteface is getting much. However, the kids know me as that “pickles the clown”. I have tried to change my face but then I get the kids that tell me, “You aren’t pickles, you don’t look like her”.

    I am trying to download a picture. I am welcome to any suggestions.


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