1. Ron Crawford

    I just sent Hallmark a note expressing our dislike from the Al Kaly Shriner clowns.

  2. Roger Latham

    I also emailed Hallmark – and also filled out their feedback and gave them a “0” for if I would recommend Hallmark to a friend. The also publish a card that says ” I hired a clown to juggle for you” >> “but he doesn’t have the balls” – As a part time juggling clown, I also find this very distasteful and let them know about that one also.
    Bar B.Q. / Dodie
    (aka Roger)


  3. I just emailed them. This is ridiculous. It’s bad enough the remake of the movie IT will bring another generation of clown fear and bashing. Now Hallmark? The
    family company???

  4. Mrs. Beaver

    I was sorry to learn of Hallmark’s “clowns are the worst”e-card. Here is the comment I sent via their website today:

    “I’ve been a Hallmark customer for decades, enjoyed your t.v. programming and movies as well as your wonderful, uplifting cards. After reading your statement of corporate values on your website, I am both shocked and stunned to learn of your “send in the clowns/send them back clowns are the worst” e-card. Please tell me how this message fits in with your corporate values?

    I work as a clown who has donated literally thousands of hours of performances to charities in my area – no group is too large or too small. My clients include every group from the National Army Reserve to those supporting medical research to hospice patients, to burned children. These charity hours are at some expense to me, and never at any expense to the organizations. My troupe also has “corporate values” that include kindness, compassion, and diversity, and specifically exclude any words or actions intended to frighten, maliciously tease, or hurt anyone.

    So I am wondering, with the corporate values you espouse, how you justify this e-card, insulting all clowns as “the worst”. You may have employees who do not like clowns, you may, as a corporation, support the ‘clown haters’ movement. But do not put your corporate values of diversity, respect, and thoughtfulness on your website unless you add that you specifically exclude clowns. We are not rabid animals, we pose no danger to the public, in fact no clown has ever been convicted of a crime against a person; we are simply humans who choose to entertain, bringing smiles, inclusion, and laughter to a world bombarded with divisive hate and violence.

    It would seem that clowning as a profession, and Hallmark products are working on the same side. How about we support each other instead of joining the insult media?
    Please remove this card from your product line.”

    I hope this helps! Let’s continue to fight the good fight, Ms. Manuel, and act in such a way as to prove detractors wrong.

    Mrs. Beaver


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