1. Betsy Kallmeyer

    One time I got to do a surprise “clown-o-gram”, for an executive director’s birthday at his office. I never did anything like that before. Got as much info about him as I could, his personal life, his job, and the business he runs. I had never done such an adult-only kind of gig, it was short notice, too. I was only expected to stay about 10 minutes. My showing up was all his mother had requested. Well, I brought my boom box, and played 3 specially picked songs, and as the music played, I got him to dance with me, after he had been draped in silly hat, clown collar with a bow tie on it, and balloon on a stick. We chatted and cracked a few jokes, the staff piping in and also taking pictures. It was fun, but I was alone, without other clowns to act off with. I guess they liked it, they gave me $50 for 12 minutes of entertainment and a birthday card and balloon. I would like to do that again sometime, with more prep time though. Thanks for letting me share.


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