1. Luis Rivera

    Alas, poor Ringling Bros & Barnum and Bailey! I knew it well; a show of infinite wonder, of most excellent fancy; it hath borne me on it back a thousand times; and now, how abhorred in my imagination it is!

  2. Laura B

    As someone who used to go to the circus every year with my family and dreamed of joining them, knowing they’re no longer around is more than a little heart breaking. Still, Ringling will live on in my heart and I’ll do my best to spread its joy whenever I can.


  3. I am so thankful that I have been ablessed to see many versions of The Greatest Show on Earth…a real treasure. From those circus days I continued to become a clown anD evoke many smiles both in performing and mentoring. The greatest gift to me was to meet Prisilla Mooseburger. She has been a friend..a confidant….a supporter….and most of all a gift to the clown world. May all your memories be retreived when needed to comfort you and all who new when the lights went out…..and we heard…..Ladies and gentleman….children of all ages….meant we were about to see what will always be the Greatest Show on Earth. The world now wI’ll be a darker place because we had to say good bye. I dedicate this essay to Frosty Little….my friend and mentor to Tricia and others who adored him as we adore Prisilla Mooseberger.

  4. Scarlet

    I LOVE your photo of the elephant walking away – with the colorized RBBB. Is that photo available to purchase anywhere? …maybe a poster?? I have a clowning/sewing room with a couple of Red Skelton’s prints I’ve bought at the Vincennes IN Museum during the Parades. I would love to add this photo in my room!!!! Is that possible? Can I buy it somewhere? Thanks in advance for the extra info.
    Scarlet — in Cincinnati


    • Hi Scarlet!
      That is a really cool photo, isn’t it? Someone sent it to us on Facebook, and we knew we just had to use it for one of our newsletters. We love it!
      I’m sorry that I can’t help you find a higher resolution version of it. Maybe if you Google “last elephant performance” or something like that, it will bring you more image options.

  5. Roger Reeves

    As a 35 year member of the Moslem Temple clown unit the Circus business has really changed. Part of the reason I think is the owners themself who did not stand up to peta and show the public how well the animals were taken care of. Also the kids today only want to hold a game in their hands and have no interest in the art of clowning or joining any group that helps mankind. Our clown unit at one time had over 75 active clowns. Today there is less then 10 who can walk a parade. Thanks Pricilla for keeping this great alive. Roger Reeves Cookeville tn.


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