1. Bill

    Bought red nose from Walgreen last year. Nearly suffocated me, wouldn’t stay on. Wanted to wear it shopping, as a gag. no such luck. Trimming didn’t really help.
    Yeah, I know, only $1, and its charity, but I wanted the nose. I’m getting a blue & a red one ff eBay. Red Nose Day has nothing to do w/ Clowns? What?


    • Awesome! Thanks for posting a link to your fundraising page. We are happy and proud to help support you! Keep up the great work! 🙂

  2. Dave "Bingle"

    I keep a couple of foam noses in my pocket. When anyone wants to get a picture with the clown (me), I have them wear noses for the photo!

  3. Karen

    I once was driving out of state to visit family. I keep a red nose in my glove box. I came apon a huge traffic jam highway backed up for miles so I put on the nose and turned up the radio and drove in the crawling traffic for a few miles singing and getting some smiles from my red nose!


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