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  1. Gigi Moss

    I am writing a book about clowns. The idea I am examining is why some people are afraid of traditional clowns. I am not focusing on “scary” or horror clowns but the idea of being uncomfortable with real clowns. Your real clown campaign seems like a perfect fit for this book.
    If you would like to share an overview of the phobia of clowns, your thoughts as to what it’s about and the positive aspects of clowns…that would be great! I would like to showcase your campaign!
    Your personal story about how you got involved with clowning and what clowns add to the world would be very welcome also.
    This is meant to be a happy, positive book and celebration of clowns.
    I hope to hear from you at gigimossbooks@gmail.com

    Thank you and have a wonderful day.


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