1. Brian Noland

    I would like to find a club to belong to. I live in southern Indiana near the city of Vincennes and there are no clown clubs here. Could you help me find one?


    • There are no clown clubs in the hometown of Red Skelton? Oh no! What a shame. 🙁
      I have some links for you to try to find a clown unit, club, or alley in Indiana –

      I also encourage you to contact Terry Ricketts. He may live in Arizona, but he has produced the Red Skelton Clown Festival in Vincennes for a number of years and may know of people you can get in touch with. Terry’s email address is Terry.Ricketts@aps.com

      And one more place you will certainly want to visit is the Clown Forum. This is an online message board for clowns all over the world. It is a wonderful resource for getting ideas, feedback, and making connections. If you post your request for Indiana clown clubs there, you are sure to get responses. The website is http://www.clown-forum.com/
      I wish you the best of luck, Brian! Bump a nose! 🙂

  2. Lorene Stadig

    Hi Pricilla,

    I have just been elected to be President of our Clown club for 2016. I’m scared to death to say the least, but this article was introduced to me from our former President and very good friend. I found it very helpful and I have now subscribed to get your news letter! I have been on our board for several years and also was Vice President one year, and being VP scared the bejeejeezies out of me. It was a learning experience but I survived!! I’m sure that will be the same with being President. I hopeful I can apply some of your insight and be not a Great President but a Good one!

    Thanks for a great article!

  3. Betsy Kallmeyer

    I’m considering leaving my clown alley.
    There are a certain few who basically run the alley, and have been for many years. I was president for one year, enjoyed it very much, and introduced new ideas. No one was interested. Our bylaws should be edited and no one is interested. I wanted extra meetings for projects, but no one had the time. I wanted the membership to be in charge of decisions, but that just offended the few who were always in charge, and made the members afraid to step up.
    The same people run for office every year, and just change positions, for instance, the president becomes secretary, the VP becomes treasurer, etc. More than that, I joined to find clowning partners. I was able to hook up with a few now and then, but it was sporadic and inconsistent; I had no guarantees and couldn’t plan ahead. I like to do shows that require rehearsal; team work, but all of them are more into walk-arounds and don’t have time for rehearsals. I like to dance and act, but few know how or can because of physical limitations.
    I’d like to try to start another alley that’s more like what I’m looking for, and include more junior joeys (kids), too, but, of course, I don’t have 5 people to start one, and plus, I would hate to infringe on the other alley in getting gigs or members. I’ve seen the few people in charge hurt people’s feelings, being inconsiderate and condescending towards new members (although unintentionally). New people join, then leave after a few months. I tried to break the pattern, but couldn’t. And I can’t seem to create a show solo. I haven’t clowned in many months now. The few who run everything argued with me, shut me out, and hurt my feelings. But I can understand why, and that really doesn’t matter to me, I can handle that, that’s not why I’m leaving; I just don’t fit into the alley. I’ve done a few private gigs, have only been a clown for about 4 years.
    Now I’m sort of like in a “writers lull”, a dry spell, and have lost the creative spirit and enthusiasm I used to have. Thanks for letting me share. I’d appreciate any feedback.


    • Thanks for opening up and sharing your situation with me. I am sorry that you have had bad experiences and that your alley seems stagnant.
      Go for it and start your own club!
      Is there any way to get the contact information from those people who briefly joined and then left?
      You could approach the local 4H club to see if they would let you visit during a meeting. Most 4H clubs have a group of kid clowns, so they would probably love to get a perspective from an older clown, and then they can join you when you create your own clown club.
      Contact the Community Education program in your area to get an announcement in the bulletin: Call for clowns! See if anyone answers, and gather more people for your new club.
      Since you mentioned that the current alley is not interested in doing shows, I don’t think your new club would be in great danger of preventing them from getting gigs, since those two areas don’t overlap much.
      Please keep in touch and let us know what progress you make and what worked for you. I wish you the best of luck!! 🙂

  4. Okie Dokie


    What a wonderful article! You tackle difficult subjects with grace and charm. And I love the quote. I think I will add it to my emails’ signature line.

    Many thanks
    Okie Dokie (Laguna Woods Senior Clown Alley)


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