1. Jack Kramer (aka "Polyester")

    You can make your own business cards using various computer graphics software, plus a printer. I use the program “The Print Shop Ensemble” and print my cards on Avery #8371 business card sheets for inkjet printers (ten cards per sheet). I also include a small head shot of myself on the card plus on the back of the card I print some bullet points about myself (e.g.: strictly volunteer, nursing homes, festivals, face painting, etc.). The advantage of doing these cards for yourself is that it’s cheap (after the cost of blank cards and software), you can easily update the info, and do activity-specific cards if you like.

    One other comment is that I’ve never found it necessary to have someone take a picture of me for publicity purposes. Invariably, there are a number of events at which someone in the sponsoring organization is taking photos and they usually e-mail me the photos after the event. If they have a web site or Facebook page, they will usually post photos of you there too.


    • Thanks for the suggestions, Jack. That’s great!
      And how marvelous that you have been blessed to work with such conscientious organizations. Well done!
      One thing about the pictures, though: For proprietary purposes, it is better to have the photo taken with your camera at your request. If that is not possible, you should get written (or emailed) permission to use someone else’s pictures for commercial purposes.
      Trust me, I have friends who have gone through this headache. Person “A” on Facebook posted a photo of Person “B”, Person “B” used that photo on their website, Person “A” was angry for not being asked for permission. Etc, etc.
      Better safe than sorry!
      Plus, if you have a friend with a really good camera, then you can be sure you are getting high-quality high-resolution photos rather than blurry snapshots from an audience member. These will look more professional online and on printed items.


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