1. tony

    I’d like to make my clowning more professional. What should be my next step?


    • Thanks for the question! What are you already doing, business-wise? Have you incorporated? Filed for tax status/business license? Business practices and licensing laws vary by state; check out what a family entertainer must do to legally do business in your area.
      Marketing: Do you have a logo? Website? Business cards? Where is your business listed? How eager are you to hand out your card or tell people that they can hire you?
      Appearance: Do you bring your magic tricks and clown props to a party in beat-up cardboard boxes, or a nice-looking display case? In what manner do you present yourself at a gig? Does your costume say “professional entertainer” or “thrift store rummage sale”? What kind of first impression are you making?
      Skills: Do you have a set routine or do you just “wing it”? Have you put much time into practicing your performance skills (magic, balloons, juggling, solo skits, etc.). Have you expanded your repertoire to include things like face-painting or glitter tattoos? Are you confident in your crowd control skills? Can you handle a rowdy room? Are you up-to-date on what is popular with kids today?
      I don’t know which steps you’ve already taken, so I can’t really give you more specific advice unless you tell me.


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