About Pricilla Mooseburger

When she gets to clown, she is incredible. Any one who has ever performed with Pricilla Mooseburger finds her to be talented, spontaneous, or fun. And she has performed with hundreds of clowns, including a few of the clown hall of fame inductees. She has performed all over the country, at large events, hundreds of conventions, even parties for celebrities.

Yet, when you ask her what she has liked best, you will hear about the friends she worked with, and how wonderful they are. She may tell you about what a gift it was to watch The Greatest Show on Earth sitting quietly next to Lou Jacobs, or to be called “cute” by Red Skelton at the Circus, or to work side by side with Frosty Little. And she wouldn’t be bragging. She has just had a pretty unbelievable life so far.

In her time in clowning, she has pushed the role of women in clowning. She has impacted the makeup style and look of clowns around the world. More importantly she has championed the cause of encouraging clowns to break out of themselves and dare to attempt to be great clowns. In a world where we are encouraged to fit in, Tricia is inspiring them to stand out.

Interested in hiring Pricilla to teach or sell at your clown convention or workshop? She would love to help make your next event a success!

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