About Pricilla Mooseburger

Tricia has written articles for clowning magazines such as Laugh Makers, Clowning Around, and The New Calliope. And now she writes educational articles and tips every week for her newsletter, Mooseburger Newz

In the year 2000, Tricia and her partners created The Great Clown Adventure. This convention in Las Vegas was designed to put performance and education into a short fun venue. Hundreds of clowns from all over the world attend. Circus legends such as Frosty Little, Earl Chaney, and Jim Howell attend keeping the circus tradition alive, sharing stories and teaching skills.

Tricia loves clowning, and has given the last 21 years of her life to it, with no end in sight. She loves teaching and watching people learn and grow. She has given up much of her own clowning to be able to travel, to costume and to teach. She knows that she touches more people through the people she teaches and costumes than she could on her own. And she honestly enjoys watching clowns grow! There is nothing more exciting than watching students and customers discover new things in themselves.

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