1. Gayle Lindeblom

    We expect hot weather for the Tumwater, Washington parade! I will bring my umbrella with a water bottle upside down on top so it trickles water! And dog and cat beanie babies tied to umbrella and I say, I came prepared…heard it might rain today, cats and dogs. If I see adults, i will call attention to my “polecat”. Skunk……!attached to my umbrella handle saying…!even my pile cat took refuge! This is not patriotic, but, will get a laugh cuz there is no way we will have rain! The dripping water, which I call attention to as rain, also gets a laugh!

  2. Jim (Cully the Christian clown) Culpepper

    Great stuff here – my 4th of July bits R- I do 500 napkin flowers with red white and blue stripes and call them “freedom flowers” and give them out during the parade. I also do a “Happy FORK of July” with small plastic forks with a label and small streamers. I have to dress down because of the scary clown issues – but most people have reacted pretty good towards getting freebies.


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