1. Steve Bissell A/K/A Bubee B. Bulbenik

    Copy of letter to Target:
    From a real clown

    Steve Bissell
    To guest.service@target.com Today at 9:15 AM
    Dear Target Management:

    As a clown in your community I would like to personally thank you for removing the scary clown merchandise from your shelves during the past Halloween season.

    Your company was a shining star for a very dark time for real clowns all over our country. Due to the “scary clown” phenomenon, many of us have not been able to go out and share our joy of performing for the community.

    We appreciate your decision to not sell these items which people have chosen to use to scare the unsuspecting public. We hope you make the same decision next year.

    Most sincerely,

    Steve Bissell, A/K/A Bubee B. Bulbenik
    9614 Discovery Rise
    Converse, Texas 78109

    Added two photos of Bubee the Clown. Didn’t know how to add
    the .jpg files here. I can send them another way if
    you like. How would that be?


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