Need an Instructor at a Clown Convention?

Teaching the Art of Clowning is not just a job, it is a vocation!

I believe all clowns should be well-rounded performers and that there is no substitute for experience.

class happy 1While costuming clowns around the world is my love, teaching clowns is my passion!

Through the years, I discovered I could reach more audiences through my students than I could through my own performance. After I finished my time with Ringling Bros. Barnum and Bailey Circus, I have devoted my life to Clown Arts Education, touring the country providing innovative classes at clown conventions, festivals, training camps, and clown schools. And ever since then, teaching the Art of Clowning has become my vocation.

My lectures are all about hands-on learning that empowers clowns of all levels to get out there and do it!  I have dedicated my life to the Art of Clowning and I feel it shows in my presentations. My lectures are never “Dealer’s Shows”. I share my resources gladly, and teach clowns the practical applications on how to “do it” themselves in the real world. I feel that my educational material and instructional style can reach the beginners as well as the advanced performers.

One way I do this is through my monthly blog, the “Mooseburger Newz”, which is free education. That way, anyone who attends my classes can look forward to continuing education all year long!

If you are interested in having me teach at a clown convention or clown club meeting, please send an email to and be sure to include your contact information and the dates and location of your event.

Looking for more than just one instructor? Want to host a big workshop, but not sure where to start? I can help with that, too!  Let me put together a 1-day, 2-day, or 3-day event tailor-made for your needs. I would be happy to discuss the possibilities with you!

Take a look at the many and varied classes I can offer at your next event:


The New Lite Auguste Costume (50 min.)

Confused about the new lite auguste character and what it is suppose to look like? Join costume diva Pricilla Mooseburger for discussion ideas and examples. See examples of the pedestrian and “theatrical” look as opposed to the “cartooniness” of the traditional auguste. Learn how to put together a cooler, lighter look without giving up the color and fun of looking like a real clown!


teaching 2Hey I’m a Clown! Now What??? (50 min.)

A great class for all clowns! So you’re a clown, now what? Pricilla’s inspirational vision of clowning will help you take what you’ve learned and put it into practice at home! Useful information about clown clubs and organizations, getting started locally and keeping yourself busy without clown burnout! This wonderful, inspirational lecture speaks to the heart of the clown.


IMG_1445Make-up Demo (1:15 to 1:45)

The make-up class you’ve been waiting for. Watch Pricilla apply make-up to volunteers from the class demonstrating the different techniques and make-up products. You will learn the basics from top to bottom plus many time saving techniques. Find out how easy applying clown make-up can really be. (Useful handouts included.) This class can be followed by hands on Make-up Lab. Additional assistance is required in order for everyone to get the help they need.


SAMSUNGVolunteer Make-up Demonstration (1:15)

Pricilla will use her years of make-up expertise to transform volunteers from the class into clowns before your very eyes! You will learn application skills as well as information on the latest make-up products and how to use them on your skin type and choice of character.


coaching 2Performance Skills for Every Clown (50 min. to 1:15)

Learn the performance skills you need to take your clown character to the next level. Pricilla will share her years of professional experience including staging ideas, booking tips, comic movement, and working with a partner. This is a great class for all levels of comic performer.


groupClown Costumes that Work! (50 min. or 1:5 to 1:45)

Pricilla will teach you the tricks of the trade whether you buy or make your own costumes. She will cover useful sewing tips as well as terrific ideas for you to put together your own working wardrobe. (Handouts included)


handshake 2Comic Movement with Pricilla! (50 min.)

Learn to move like a cartoon! Pricilla with share the wonderful techniques she learned while on the road with Ringling Bros. Barnum and Bailey Circus. This class is great for clowns of all ages and body types! You will learn how to present yourself like a pro and feel funny doing it.


Character Development (50 min.)

How do you develop a real clown character? Become a unique performer instead of a cookie cutter clown. Pricilla unlocks the mystery with simple useful ideas that allow you to become the clown character you have always wanted to be!

Pricilla with Camera

Walk-Arounds, Skits and Clowning Around (1.15)

On the circus they were called “walk-arounds”, in the real clown world they are called “parade props”. Learn how to make the most of your performance whether on the street or on stage. Pricilla with provide performance tips, construction information, and motivational ideas to get the fun back in your funny business.


DSC02884Kazoo Band (1:15 to 1:45)

Pricilla is famous from coast to coast for putting together the terrific Kazoo Clown Band. Come to this fun filled lab to make your own silly instrument and be a part of the band. Pricilla will not only teach you how to put together many crazy instruments out of household recyclables, but how to put them to use in your act. A terrific class for clown clubs and solo performers alike! (Works best if there is a place for the kazoo band to perform, such opening the show for an evening performance of some kind. Handouts included, lab fee of 5.00 includes kazoo, jugs, hoses, colored tapes, and other decorations.)


SAMSUNGPosing for Pictures and Working with the Media (50 min.)

Learn the easy tricks for taking a great picture every time.  Everything from posture, to poses with and without fans, to using props and sets, to valuable business tips, you’ll walk out of this workshop looking like a pro!  Make the most of free publicity, and never get left on the cutting room floor.