1. sarah

    Thanks for sharing this I had a good time checking this out. cheers – Sarah Southgate

  2. J Shipman

    Dayley here! I chose my name in tribute to an old late friend Robert Day who was a magician, funnyman, and good friend. So DAYley is an homage to Mr. Day.

  3. Skip Lindsey aka Duffy

    I am a Shrine clown here in Kc Mo. At our circus our wives can dress out, I purchased her costume and then other things from you at the COAI 2017.
    She was fretting about a name for her persona , we chatted for a couple of hours about your tips for coming up with a name. After tossing around some ideas She hit upon using her occupation as the basis for it. She picked Si-Ferun older people should get the pun. From when students used a cypher to do their math work. BTW she works as an accountant.

  4. Veeshu

    My clown name is Dumplin’. I took a quiz online, something like “what is your clown name”. The answer was Dumpling and the last name name I don’t remember. But I liked Dumplin’……and it made me think of Chicken n dumplin’s…..I made a clown character that’s a bit country…..and I have a chickeny theme to my suit, the fabric has chicken wire pattern, chicken feet prints and I put a chicken on top of my hat. I love it. It’s country and makes me think of my dear grandma from Appalachia.


  5. My clown name is Rudy – my paternal grandmother’s maiden name. I really loved my Grandmom, she always made me feel so happy. She didn’t do anything spectacular, just pulled me up on her lap and hugged me close, and made me feel like I was loveable just the way I was. (I always had an inferiority complex.)

    I am a female, so I am sometimes called Ruby (since Rudy would be a man’s name.) I just laugh and say, “You must know my mommy. She wanted to name me Ruby but she was dyslexic, and got the ‘b’ backwards, so I have to be Rudy. Oh well!” It usually gets a giggle.

  6. Bonnie-Jean Brown

    “MY name is Gigglebritches, that’s because I wear funny britches!” For my first clown costume I had bought this harem pants in rainbow colors. The were very baggy and totally goofy. Well playing around one night I got overly silly and got giggling about my pants. Somehow the name Gigglebritches was born. Now my main costume is a dress! so I’ve changed my line to, “I’m Gigglebritches, I’ll make you laugh your britches off! See I don’t have any!” Great for laughs. Thank goodness I wear bloomers!

  7. Kim

    My clown name for almost 2 decades was captain after 35 years I decided to finally promote home to Admiral. His character is based off of the commedia de Arte character “El Capitano” I also served in the US Navy so it seemed to fit needless to say he doesn’t know his port from his starboard.


  8. Both of my clown names have been taken from what kids have call me. My first clown name (White Face 1985) was Flip Flop from a pair of heavy rubber clown shoe. In 1992 my happy hobo became Goofie from the laugh and personality. The ie at the end of the name is a club rule i’m in.


    My clown name is ” Calamity “. I always worked with animals in my shows, so this allowed for mistakes (gave me and the animals permission to mess up and have fun). I actually got the name by pointing randomly in the Bible.
    The name has served me well and the kids love to pronounce it.

  10. Nadine Parson

    My clown name is LAFFALOT !! The week we were supposed to pick out our
    clown name, I had a dream and woke up and wrote that name on my kitchen
    table and when I. woke in A. M. it was there I really liked it , because most of my friends said I make them laugh a lot. GET it !!! That was fourteen years ago and I have it as my car plate and people smile and say I love that name. It suites me very well.

  11. Larry "Uff-Da" Btown

    I’ve been a Shrine clown for over 25 years. I come from a Swedish background and grew up hearing my grandfather say things like uff-da, it’s hot! Or uff-da, that’s heavy! So my clown name “Uff-Da” is a tribute to my grandfather who I loved very much.

  12. Lorna

    I like polka dots, my whole life and wanted my costume to be polka dot. So John said why don’t you go with pokey (I am very slow walking) I said that is it! Pok-A-Dotz.

  13. Keith "Boots" Busby

    When I was little my Dad was in a country western band.He had the hats, the vest and shirts, and the boots. Well, one morning when I was about 4 years old I decided to go into my Dad’s closet and put on his cowboy boots. If you could just imagine how tall the boots are with a 4 year old boy. My Dad was watching TV, when he heard a clunk, clunk, clunk, and saw me coming around the corner. He looked at me and saw a pair of boots with a head and two arms and he said, ” Boots get back in the closet !” Clunk, clunk, clunk I put them back. My Dad said that was the funniest thing I ever did. He called me Boots ever since. Now thats my clown name.

  14. Judy Cornett

    When I was in clown school in Houston I was told to come up with a clown name and I struggled with who I was until one day as I was walking out of the grocery store eating a seasonal candy. In fact during the Easter season, I would eat a lot of that candy. I would buy two packages because I would eat one package between the cash register and my car. So PEEP came to life 19 years ago and hasn’t stopped yet, but she has stopped eating Peeps.

  15. Diana Villarreal

    I chose the name Pinkie D. Because my favorite color is pink and my name starts with D but I’m not sure if I like that name. So I’m hoping once I’m at the clown camp I can get some better ideas for a cute clown name.

  16. Dr Robert Hitchcock

    The first name I chose as an Auguste clown was to honor my dad who had a PhD and was always called “doc”, but after a few years I realized that about 1 in 3 clowns are called DOC. So I looked for a feature I could make into a name and came up with STUMBLES. (Because I did, and still do)

    Then when I was working on a whiteface costume I came up with “DR CLUELESS” and later expanded it to “DR CLUELESS – Chief of Idiopathology” At one of your conferences I had a badge made with that on. Idiopathic illnesses are those where the characteristics of the problem are known precisely but no one had a clue as to what is causing the problem. Seems like a logical connection.

  17. Sandra Winstead

    I was a member of my church choir when I was in clown school. My hair has always been some shade of red so when a new girl joined the choir and said it won’t be hard to remember you Strawberry, that was it. The other choir members decided that was a great name, they voted and I have been her since then, that was 1994.

  18. eileen galloway

    As I was a dancer I wanted to be Twinkle Toes or Tappy but both of those were taken. I was coming to the end of clown school and could not think of a name. My son and daughter in law were visiting and Kate suggested Jazzy! I was not sure but as I had to give a name I put Jazzy, that was 2003 at Cheerful Clown Alley 166 in Houston Texas and I love Jazzy. We are back in Scotland now and Jazzy still comes out from time to time!!

  19. Cathy

    My name is a combination of my name. I go by Cathy usually, my maiden started with a O and my married name with a H. So I combined the names and came up with CATH-E-OH.

  20. Martin Perfit

    Having a French sounding surname and living in area with a number of Francophones (many more Francophones as one goes further north for parades & such) a French word immediately popped into my mind. FOU! Rhymes with shoe. French for fool or madman.


  21. The first time I put on clown makeup was for a photo my daughter took for a photography class. It really turned out well and around the same time I was trying to come up with an original idea for a local television show. Why not a variety talk show hosted by a clown? The idea stuck and around the same time I was reading a book about the Dick Van Dyke Show. I’ve always been a big fan of that show and was impressed by the story of how Carl Reiner came up with it so I decided to name my clown something that sounded similar but wasn’t too obvious. That’s how The Carl Steinberg Show got it’s start! We did six or seven shows before moving on to other ideas. I’m still proud of my clown character. One of the funnest things I’ve done.

  22. Dave "Bingle" Mendoza

    “Bingle” was a sign from above.

    When I was in college in Houston TX, I attended Cheerful Clown Alley’s clown school. They said to pick a name that sounds funny but that nobody else in the area was already using. Who knew that there were scores and scores of clowns in Houston? And they said that while your costume and character may change, you want a name you can stick with because everyone will know you by your name. No pressure there….

    So one afternoon I was driving down highway 59 wondering what in the world to pick for my clown name when I looked up and saw a huge green sign over the freeway that the next exit was Bingle Road.

    • eileen galloway

      Hi, I have just seen your post sounds like we had a similar experience.
      Bump a Nose!

  23. Joe Ann Kern

    My husband, Herb, was a Shrine Clown from 2001 until he passed away in January 2015. My grandson, Daniel, started clowning with Herb in 2006 when he was 5. They were known as Luckey and Little Luckey because that is their middle name. Luckey was a family name which has been passed down for generations. Daniel is now 16 and not so “Little” anymore, so has decided to just be called Luckey now that Herb is deceased. Daniel has been lucky to have his grandpa, Chillie and many other Shrine clowns to give him lots of clown info.

  24. Loretta DeAngelus

    I actually have a few clown characters. My first character’s name is “”LA*DEE*DAH”. My initals were LA, so I had a nickname of LA. When I got married, my last name started with a D.That gave me LA D. It just seemed to fit that DAH would follow. I spelled it DAH, because I thought when people read it as DA, it would be pronounced as if you were addressing a father “DA”.
    My second characters name is “Dr. Gigglebritches”. This is a caring clown character. When I was a child, my Grandmother used to watch us. There were 7 of us. When it came time to put us to bed, we would fool around. She used to yell to us and tell us we were a bunch of gigglebritches. I thought this would be a fun name , that would get a lot of laughs and I have a memory of the fun times I had with my of Grandmother.
    My third character is “Star Light” It is a character that I use when I do XP camp. It is a camp for children that can’t go out during the day. I thought they could relate to star light . My Mom’s name is Stella which means star, so i have a memory of my Mom.

  25. Miss Callie

    My clown name is Callie-Oops! My real first name ends in CAL (thus, Callie) and, my reason for becoming a clown was to add to the ministry for children on missions trips–so Oops represents the scripture “For all have sinned and fall short . . .” On introducing myself, I tell the kids I am the not-so-perfect clown and encourage them to yell Oops! If they see me make a mistake during my show. I then remind them of God’s love for each of us. For secular events, I make a game out of them catching me making a silly mistake. Out of clown, I use Miss Callie.

  26. David Keenan

    I picked Dizzy Dave back in 1981 when my mother made a clown outfit for me for Halloween — sounded neat. Unfortunately my alcoholic stepfather didn’t care to soppurt my interest in clowning and costuming so more trips to the liquor store for their booze & smokes and just the one token effort that was all the clown gear in my posession for about a decade …

  27. Mona Cauley

    I had a few friends come up with names for me. Shudderbug was on a list of about ten. I have had a camera in my hand since age 14 or so and i LOVE bugs and so do kids but they make parents Shudder. So instead of Shutterbug i went with Shudderbug. Is was unanimously voted the best of my list by my clown troupe friends. I even had some kids i mentored write my “life story” for me.


  28. In 1970 when I went on the Detroit Fire Dept. I joined the clown team known as just the Detroit Fire department Clowns. We started going to the midwest conventions and I started completing in Make-up in the Auguste Class. I met alot of great clowns. One I will always remember is Bob Hamilton (Hambone). In 1977 I joined the Shrines and started completing around the United States in what was called the Imperial convention. To this date I believe I am still the only Shrine Clown to win first in all four make-up divisions back to back contest. My clown name is still DOODLES the Clown. Taken from our baby boys nick-name. I still do 33 shows a year at the Wilson County Fair in Tennessee.

  29. Jim DeWilde

    When I went to your clown school way back a long time ago (2002 to be exact) it was after 26 years in the school of hard knocks. I was thinking of changing the name that I had been working under. But nothing fit or was too hard for children to remember or sound out so I stuck with “Jimminee” (Jim in ee with an extra m thrown in). I came up with the name from what my dad used to say to an awful lot of the time “Jiminy Crickets, can’t you do anything right” or occasionally a “Jiminy Crickets you actually did it right”. Not wanting to get associated with the wonderful character from the movie Pinocchio, I changed the spelling (lawsuits come from a lot less). So for some 41 years now and have been using that name for probably 38 or so. I have loved it every time that I had a chance to go back.


  30. I didn’t know what type of clown I wanted to be. I have a beard. I first started as a baggy clown in paint overalls(Lots of Paint Splater), afo-wig & big paint brush named “Skinny” my dad’s nick name.
    At a Shrine clown clown get together some of the lady’s found a pix of a Wizard with a beard in a book. and one of the ladies & my wife made me a costume that week I went to a parade that week and the first kid I saw said Hi Wizard & the second kid said GeeWiz a wizard clown. So GWizz became my clown name.
    Many of the kids just call me wizard, a few call me bumblewiz because not all of my magic tricks work

  31. Veeshu

    I took a silly “what’s your_____name” quiz online. The answer was a 2 word name: ” Dumpling Something”. I liked the Dumpling part. I’m a bit of a hillbilly, from my dad’s side of the family. I have a long a varied history with chickens. So Dumpling made me think of chicken….Dumpling became Dumplin’. And I made my clown suit with fabric that has chicken feet and chicken wire patterns…..and i’m just about done painting my paper mache’ chicken for atop my top hat. And I love it!

  32. Ray Leeman

    When I first became a Shrine clown I was trying to think of a good name. I asked my Daughter if she had any ideas. She reminded me about when my kids were little they called me Poopdeck Pappy after Popeye’s father. She thought my name should be Poopdeck, but I tempered it a little since I would be working with kids and I became Pappy. The Poopdeck is actually the back part of a ship, but a lot of people wouldn’t know that. Pappy stuck and it fits.

  33. Jim Donoughe

    I got my name from a typo while in highschool and it stuck. The teacher was making a roster that she had students do attendance for her while we were doing practicals in the kitchen, it was a vocational highschool. The poor girl taking attendance was wandering around the kitchen as she was new she was calling for Jimmy Donoughts. It stuck I was Donuts the rest of highschool. I shortened it gut it was me! A T at the end of my name instead of an E.



  35. Betsy Kallmeyer

    When I first started thinking of a name for myself as a new clown, I thought maybe I should pick something that describes my personality, so I thought of Dingbat. So my clown friend at the Alley said, “ok, I’ll start calling you that, so you can grt used to it. Well, almost right away, I didn’t like it because of the way it made me feel. So I began the journey of seeking a more perfect clown name, with no idea where to start. Somehow I decided to pick my favorite flower, Daisy. My Alley friends reminded me it was a fairly common clown name. Someone suggested I google clown names for ideas. I still had no idea for a costume or “look”, either, but I was anxious, so I found list after list, and scanned through about a million clown names. Sure enough, Daisy was very common, and I was disappointed, but then I noticed Upsie Daisy and Wupsie Daisy. BAM! It came right into my head loud and clear–Boopsey Daisy; because my human name is Betsy, and I’ve been called Boopsie now & then all my life. I chose to spell it with a y instead of ie, since Betsy is with a y and just to be different. I chose “ey”, because it looked better to me and because Betsy was actually a nickname taken from my middle name Elizabeth, for which I’ve always used the middle initial E. Turns out sometimes people will me Boopsey; but I want them to use the full name, Boopsey Daisy! But you can’t always make people do what you want. In no way was I going to change my name, because I loved Boopsey Daisy, and knew it was meant to be. So now, I make a joke out of it when someone calls me Boopsey–I say, my name is Boopsey Daisy, but you can call me Boopsey for short, or you can call me Daisy for short, or you can just call me short” (because I am obviously a little height challenged. And since my name tag says my full clown name, I don’t worry about it. I also came up with a last name, but I haven’t used it much yet–Boopsey Daisy Do Little. It’s not on my name tag but it’s on my clown birth certificate!


  36. I have always Worn Tabasco Ties and always ask for Tabasco. When I joined the Shrine and Became a Clown Chili Pepper was the logical name for me. When I went to a Hobo Look I Changed it to Chillie with that spelling in tribute to Weary Willie

  37. Thomas R.Yarnall

    When I first started clowning I was still working as a police officer. My clown costume was a keystone type cop. In the old days they used to use the term “Cheese it,here comes the Fuzz”. Also not having much hair left made it easy. So I called myself “Fuzzy” . Thanks Tom Yarnall

  38. Anita "Folly" Gerstle

    My first introduction to clowning was as a Christian Clown 20 years ago. There was a scripture, “Man’s wisdom is folly to God.” That seemed to suit me…I think I have all the answers and God is probably laughing at me!!! My clown name is Folly, and I am a mistake just waiting to happen! I have been a volunteer hospital/retirement home/Hospice clown for a good many years.
    By the way, I saw DJ in Cincinnati, Ohio, a week or so ago!
    Pricilla, thanks for all you do to promote clowning!!!

  39. David Neal

    My first event as a clown was for the Shrine Circus in town. I was standing around the parking lot all dressed up – no actual dress – having some of the other clowns show me the ropes. We were talking about clown names when a bus of kids pulled up. The kids all started yelling, “It’s Squirty!” If a bus load of kids is going to name you then you better run with it.

  40. Casey Reinhardt

    My clown name, Popcorn, came to me in different ways. First, I’m addicted to popcorn. When I hear the word, my eyes light up, my ears tingle, and I pay close attention to the faintest of aromas resembling my favorite food! Then, when I was in training, I also helped out in my church office, a big box of hymnals came with this appropriate packaging, and I asked my pastor what he wanted me to do with it. He said to dump it….so I did! All over his head! And lastly I became a born again Christian at this same church, and my faith blew up like a kernel of popcorn, so….did I really have a choice? I Had to be POPCORN, a Tidewell Hospice clown.


  41. When I was getting started, I wanted a unique name that nobody else was using. People suggested I start a list and add different words or phrases to the list whenever I had an idea. One of the items on the list was Honeydukes, which anyone who read the Harry Potter series might recognize is the name of the sweets shop. At the time, I also would call my dog Buddy, Sir Bud. He was rescued from the shelter and a mix, but all of the show dogs seemed to have royal sounding name. We were out on a walk when I noticed someone had a sign at their front door saying their name was Van Dyke. I put everything together and Sir Toony Van Dukes was born.

    Sir Toony Van Dukes isn’t the easiest name for people to say or spell, but I think it is a fun name. Some people think it is, “Tony” and I get to correct them saying it is “Toony” because I have two knees.

    Growing up, I always wanted to be an astronaut. I thought that would make a good character for a clown. Although, I never fully developed the character and costume, I did come up with a name. I combined Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong to come up with Buzz Clownstrong.


  42. I went in sub rosa (undercover) to determine the safety of a client’s granddaughter. My secretary/clown come up with an idea to dress me in clown. I didn’t have a clown name. The child ask me what my name was and the only thing I could think of was Gramdpa Doubtfire after the Robin Williams movie. Unfortunately the name stuck! On my way out the door a Hollywood agent hired me to do a two hour Halloween gig at a Von’s store in West Hollywood. I got paid $650.00 just twisting balloons. I only knew how to make a sword, sword belt, wiener dog and leash, giraffe and a flower. I asked him why me and he said I didn’t just twist balloons but i entertained each kid and made them feel special. I immediately enrolled in Moosecamp and have attended twice. I do not consider myself funny but we are now entertaining children of the children we first entertained.

  43. Ed Cook

    My first outfit used Haggar bright checked golf pants. At our first parade, one of the other beginner clowns hollered, “Hey, Checkers!” I didn’t respond and she walked up to me and said, “I’m talking to you Checkers.”

    The name stuck and at the time I was a Comedy White Face. I changed to Auguste and asked a young girl whose birthday party I had performed for from her first birthday to her 11th what my name should be and she said, “You’re still Checkers to me.”

    36 years later and I am still Checkers.

  44. Judy Glazier

    My ‘real’ job involved a lot of confrontation and negativity and beginning clowning was a lovely change of pace. The title after my professional name was WHI. So, of course, I became WHInot!

  45. Cheryl A. Wolf

    My clown name came from turning a negative into a positive….. I was at a job I hated when I started clown class……. Every day it seemed someone would as me how I was at the worst time and I would say gee I’m just ducky…… (with much sarcastic tone)…..

    When we were asked in clown class to start thinking of a clown name…. I was having such a great time doing what I now feel is my purpose….. When someone asked how I was I would reply ( with much joy) jumping up and down the whole time saying: why I’m juuuuust “Duckie”…….

    I now have several character’s all with different names….. There is my light auguste character: Ms. Chiff (pronounced mischief) anyone who knows me knows that fits like a glove ( I tell parents last name……wait for it……. “Maker”……

    I have several other characters and they all have individual names…… as they should because they all are so different and have their own personalities…

    Tramp: Rusty Buckets
    Magician: Trick-See
    Twister: Twistina…. and yes the famous one from England and I have talked and she’s totally O.K. with me sharing her name….. ( I chose it before I was even aware of her at all…..)
    Enchanted Fairie: Airieanna…… fairies are lighter than air after all……

    etc, etc, etc…..

  46. Henry F. Key

    Choosing a clown name was kinda, sorta easy for me. My real name is Henry Key, but most of my friends call me Hank, which is a common nickname for Henry. So to my friends I am Hank Key. Hank Key sounds kinda, sorta funny, so it kinda,sorta suggested the clown name Hanky, which I kinda, sorta liked. When i wrote the name down for the first time I kinda, sorta spelled it wrong. I spelled it Hankie instead of Hanky. Since I kinda, sorta liked the new spelling better (I don’t know why), I kinda, sorta never bothered to change it. So my chosen clown name is: Hankie the Clown.

  47. Cheryl Arnold

    My clown name is Gabby. (my husband says it is that not even in clown costume too) 20 something years, a new friend told me she was a clown. She agreed to show my sis in law and I how to apply the make up. Well… I was asking lots of questions, talking a lot, she pointed at me and said “Your name is Gabby!” And it stuck. After all, my name in school was Chatterbox… :o)

  48. Mary Ann Pech (TuTaLu)

    My clown name is TuTaLu. The reason I picked the name is because as a child I had imaginary friends and their names were TuTu and LuLu. When I combined the names I came up with TuTaLu. Brought back fond childhood memories and something I could relate to.

  49. John Lorne

    When I first became a clown in 1992, I was a Shriner. I had a beard and thought a Hobo/Tramp would be perfect for me and joined the Clown Unit. I needed a name. At the time, my favorite movie was “Hatari” and Red Buttons played the part of “Pockets.” So I became Pockets. By 2000, my costume was nearing its end and I wanted to try a different persona. I had always loved trains (whether they were full size or miniature), so I put together a new costume with a train theme and transferred my Pockets face to the new me. I needed a new clown name and my wife provided one to me. My new name was “Whistle Stop,” which fit me to a perfectly! I re-introduce Pockets in 2009, as an Auguste clown, so there are two clowns in my closet.


  50. My clown names are based on comments from Leon McBride, Buttons. He said get funny fast and so I used my clown name and it’s introduction to do so. My white face was named IMAX. When people repeated it, I would say, “You no Max, IMAX” That would get a laugh and I was on my way. My first year at PM Clown Arts I believe Trish thought my name was MAX. She called me that many times. When I changed to the HOBO, which we always did at camp for the Hobo Stew dinner, I became PoMax, for Poor Max. and now my Auguste is LoMax. When people repeat my name I can then reply Lo, Lo, how are you and shake their hand. And of course, that leads to, “Are you afraid of clowns?” When they say no I always ask, “Then why are you shaking?” Corny but generally gets the laugh I am looking for.
    Get funny fast!


  51. When I was 13 I did my first paying clown job, I rode 3 city (Chicago) buses to a picnic where I worked for 3 hours and made a whopping $15.00, now back in the early 60’s and being 13, $15.00 was a lot of money. I was going by BoBo back then, when it hit me, even though I was using BoBo, most people that knew me in or out of clown called me Bobby, so it stuck, I have been using my given name of Bobby for over 50 years and I love it.

  52. Jack Masters

    This article really brings up fond memories. I joined the Shrine clowns but when it came to coming up with a name, I could not find one. I looked online at other names and everyone that came to mind for me, was taken already…many of them them were taken several times over. My grandkids were staying over and we were eating pancakes. I asked everyone for help in finding a clown name because I was giving up. Finally my 7 year old grandson said, “how about FLAPJACK?” I thought that sounded good and in about 15 years, I haven’t found another one.


  53. I chose the name Glammie because I’m a pageant gal and my granddaughter calls me Glammie so I’m already used to answering to that name. 🙂 The name helped me to come up with her look and I used the colors/design that I’ve already branded myself with on my blog for the past 11 years.

  54. Carol Meyer

    Cookie is my clown name.
    I chose Cookie because it is kid friendly. Most children like cookies.

    i wouldn’t choose a name that some other clown is using especially if working in the same town or area.

    I began using the name Cookie in the Orlando area in 1985. At that time, there weren’t many clowns in this area. Even though, I had the name and my logo service marked.

    After a few years, I would meet people at events who would remark that I wasn’t the Cookie they remembered from a party or an event they had attended. Usually the person didn’t have anything good to say about this other Cookie they had met. I found out through some other performers in the area that there was a woman who was working under the name Cookie who stripped under the name Cookie the Clown. When confronted by this, using the name that is, she replied she didn’t care. So, I spent a few bucks having my attorney sending her a cease and desist letter. She did comply, but used the name Sugarcookie instead. I saw her at an event later..she had makeup on that was not powdered..the makeup was greasy and rubbed off on some people. She no longer works around here that I know of..but that is my story!

    So, I would suggest that the clown name be one children would like, not take some other clowns name, perhaps a name that brings back good memories of someone they loved.
    Good Luck


  55. I started clowning when I was 10…having taken a clown class through the Parks and Rec Department in my hometown of Naugatuck, Connecticut. One night not long after I started the class my family was watching a Liberace TV special. On the show a clown marionette interacted with Liberace…and the marionette was called “Toto”. My Dad said something to the tune of “I didn’t know YOU were going to be on TV”…and the name stuck! From ages 10-18 I only used “Toto” as a clown name but the very day I arrived at the RBBB Clown College in 1985 I started using “Toto” as my fulltime nickname. I am now 50 so for 32 years folks have been calling me “Toto” in…and out…of makeup!

  56. Melanie Zinser

    At a healing prayer service 7 years ago my pastor told me he believed I was created to bring joy into the world and that was my gift from God. So, after 20+ years of being Patches the Clown, I changed my clown name to JOY. My last name starts with a Z, so I became JOY zee Clown, or JOYzee for short. Clown friends and people who know me get at kick out of it because, guess where I’m from? That’s right! This Ohio transplant was born and raised in Neuuuu JOYsey!

  57. Andy Alles

    My clown name is Professor Pi. Professor Pi first started because I had several friends in Asbury Clown Group and one named Doc the Rube. I breathe science and art, and wanted a name related to science. One tip is do not copy another clowns name and make yours unique. So Doc xxxx was out. Plus I wanted to connect my character clown to a scientist and not a doctor. My professors at the University knew I had spent ten years in college and said, “Gee, Andy you should get tenure.” Plus I am able to teach at a technical college with my science degrees. So Professor xxxx was taking shape. Did I mention I breathe science. Pi is used to measure round objects like balloons and was my initial interest. I love slapstick comedy like pie in face, pratfalls, and puns. Pi is also an infinite number. A clown uses many different things including wig, makeup, costume, type of clown, singing, dancing, magic, caring, balloon art, puppetry, and juggling creates an infinite number of combinations a clown can be. So Professor Pi was born and fits my personality like a nitrile glove.


  58. Wonderful to know how you got your name. You were one of my influences, especially with movements, in developing my character. My clown name came along from a character I played at Disneyland, known as the Veranda King. Fellow employees called me VK for short. When I became a clown, the nickname came with me.

  59. Maureen Yalenezian

    When I was born, I didn’t like to sleep at night. My dad use to keep his foot on the cradle rocker and and say come on pumpkin, go to sleep. My mom yelled at him and said “You are not going to nickname her that!” So he started calling me Punky instead. It stuck! When I was a teenager, my younger brother keep calling me Punky Doodles! – Cousin to Yankee Doodle. So when I became a clown, It was fitting, I love my clown name! Punky-Doodles, that’s me!

  60. Brian Fason

    My clown name fazo comes from my last name fason. Pronounced fay son. Same as jason mason etc. When I was in the 9th grade my math teacher called every one in the class by their last name. She was fully convinced that it was pronounced fazon. Alot of my friends today i met back in high school. Everyone thought my name was fazon. Then 1 day somebody shorten it to fazo. Fazo has been my nickname for a long time. Every calls me fazo including at the office even my wife to. So when I graduated clown school and needed a clown name. I knew it just had to be fazo.

    • Margaret Powell

      I am proud to know Fazo. Sometimes we team up and play patient Bingo at UAB Hospital, Birmingham, Alabama. I have never known anyone who is more devoted, professional, talented and dedicated to the art of clowning as this young man. He inspires me to be a better clown. I am blessed to be a part of his world especially on Tuesdays at 1:30 pm.

  61. Pops

    My story is so basic, but I love sharing it.

    My dad was a Shriner and a policeman, among other things. He was and still is my biggest hero and the greatest influence in my life. After he passed away, some of his Masonic friends asked why I never became a Mason, that my dad would have loved that.

    One thing led to another, and I was a Shriner within about 18 months. I knew immediately I wanted to be a clown. I also knew I wanted to pay tribute. Thus, Pops or Pops the Cop came into being. Now, every time someone calls me by my clown name, I’m reminded of him.


  62. My clown name was result of a clown student walking by me at PM clown arts camp on 2008 .I had on my red & white large striped shirt on and curly wig. She said you look like Waldo. Later in the Hospital Clowning classes Brenda Marshall said you need to change your face from sad Tramp clown to happy face if you are going to visit kids in hospitals… So Doc Waldo was born with red & white tassel hat and dark rimmed glasses, red & white stripped shirt and red scrubs and the real answer to Where’s Waldo. Tom Johnson Hospital clown in Knoxville Tennessee. Thanks Brenda.

  63. Thomas Wade

    My clown name is Brushes. Brushes to remind my self of my father who was a painter by trade.


  64. I have been a massage therapist for a long time. I like to think I touch people through massage and make them feel better. So as a clown student I figured I also wanted to make people feel better by “touching” them with laughter…I am Touché the Clown! A play on words!


  65. When asked by Ringling Staff, “What’s my clown name?”, I didn’t know until it came to me. My favorite name for any person (or animal) “MAX”! It had a M and an X in it. (I love those letters) and with my tall height and the energy level of circus clowns in general, “MAX” fit me perfectly. Thanks for asking, Pricilla Mooseburger.-Lou Johnson, “MAX” the Clown, Clown College Grad 1990.

  66. Gayle Lindeblom

    My name, Stormy, came because, my real name is Gayle which ( Gale) is a storm and as a child I admired Gale Storm, comedian. Also…….I was born on a very stormy night to my parents Thunder and Lightning. My older sister is Sunshine and she wasborn in the summer in Southeern California. Naming me was a ‘no brainer’!
    When I took my first clown class, my instructor had us creat a family history. This has been part of my character for 24 years.


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