1. Claudia Boerst

    I’m going to the circus tonight, Thursday, Oct. 22nd, and I don’t see it on your schedule…

    Will DJ be there tonight? If so, I’ll bring cookies… I hope they let me bring them in!

    If you get this too late… I’m leaving at 5:00 EST, don’t worry about it!


    Claudia “SOCKS” Boerst


    • That’s great, Claudia! To get the cookies to him, be sure to go to the free pre-show. The clowns will be out on the floor. If you don’t see him, ask any of the clowns to go get him for you.
      He will LOVE the cookies. THANKS so much!!! 🙂

  2. Ed Cook

    Great seeing you at the MCA Roundup.


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