1. Thanks for the comment, Raymond!
    We don’t have any full-body photos of these clowns. But from what you can see in the photos (wig, chest, shoulders) it seems that the eyeshadow colors either coordinate with the wig color or are in the same color family as the costume colors.
    For example, excluding the girl clown in the middle, the top photo collage shows male clowns with eyeshadow colors which match their wig. On the other hand, in the next photo collage, NONE of the eyeshadow colors match their wigs — and they still look great!
    I don’t think there is one defined rule for how to choose which color eyeshadow you use. As long as it compliments your face makeup and at least one color in your costume pieces, I think you shouldn’t have a bad result.

  2. Raymond

    Can you please post some full body shots of some clowns that use this? I am interested in trying it out, but before I decide on what color would work best with my outfit, I would like to see what colors others used in association with their outfits. Thanks for all your knowledge.


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