1. Jim Culpepper

    The parade was a good experience – the things I learned – they put us between cars and tractors – so we had to walk fast – not good for a 9 year old – we did not get a chance to interact with the crowd very much because they were rushing us to keep up. The kids had great props but did not get a chance to use them but once the whole parade. The next time we will ask to be put near the rear of the parade. The crowd kids wanted us to stop and talk but they would not let us. My advise to new guys going to parades – try to have props that are quick – sight gags that are simple – handouts that are easily used – keep it simple. only go to free parades – if they cost – something is wrong you are free entertainment.


    • Thanks for letting us know, Jim. I’m so glad you and the kids had a good experience!
      Instead of being inside the parade or at the rear of the route, I strongly suggest you ask to be “pre-parade entertainment”.
      I explain it fully in this article: http://mooseburger.com/moose/the-best-parades/
      Not only will the clowns be less rushed, but they’ll also be more than just a handout-machine. They will have time for interaction with and reactions from the crowd.
      Try it next time and keep up the good work! 🙂

      I agree with you about refusing to perform in the parade if you have to pay. Usually that sort of cost is meant for businesses wishing to advertise by having a float in the parade.

  2. Paul

    How much should a clown be paid for a parade or should it be considered volunteering ?


    • Good question.
      Getting paid for parades really varies depending on your community.
      My clown club gets $100.00 – $200.00 donations for our club showing up at certain parades.
      And yet other parades want us to pay an entry fee!
      If the organizing committee values the entertainment brought by the clowns, you are more likely to get paid. If you have large fun colorful props and signage helps, too.
      We always ask what the similar forms of entertainment are getting paid and ask to be accommodated likewise.
      Some events we do just for the fun of it even if we don’t get paid.


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