1. Keith Crabbs

    I saw a Ringling clown (Kenny Mikey) doing advanced work at a Sears back in the 90’s. He was handing out stickers.. It was a simple piece of masking tape. I died laughing because it WAS a sticky piece of something like a sticker but had nothing printed on it.. I died laughing at the confusion of kids and the laughter of the adults when he handed them out…. He then asked if they wanted a second one cause he had a whole roll of them……and showed the roll of tape…. I just added that they were “Imagination stickers” they don’t have anything on them so you can use your imagination to put whatever you want to on them..

  2. Janet

    Hi Tricia,
    Your walkaround made me laugh.
    Here’s another idea for the tickets that we have used for many years in hospital or nursing home visits. While standing at the elevator, tell everyone they now need a ticket to ride the elevator because some people have been abusing the privilege. Then give them a ticket. When the elevator arrives and the door opens, stand by the door and ask for their ticket to ride. If they ask where they can get another ticket, tell them when you’ll be back there or refer them to the gift shop where tickets are sold on the second Monday of each week.
    Janet “Jelly Bean”


  3. I have always enjoyed goofing with the people that are working an event (snack bar, vendors, security or police, etc.) as well as the normal audience members. They are people too and enjoy being recognized too. In parades, I ride a motorized scooter. I stop by the police along the route and sometimes make a comment about not having a license. I tell them that since I said it first I get to give them a ticket. It is especially good if they are motorcycle cops. I then ask them if they saw all the “Temporary No Parking” signs and then tell them I have to give them a ticket for having their bikes parked on the street.


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