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  1. Jack Kramer

    I’ve been enjoying the valuable tips about Meet & Greet in the recent Mooseburger Newz articles. I have a comment to add regarding the shaking hands routine.

    A couple of weeks ago I did some clowning at a local parade. Almost as a last-minute decision, I decided to bring along a “squeaker” I had purchased at this year’s Moose Camp and I placed it inside my glove in the palm of my hand. I wasn’t really sure yet how I would use it but decided to experiment. As it turned out, a (new to me) routine emerged by pure serendipity. I found that if I gave kids and adults a “high five” greeting, when their hand struck mine, the squeaker emitted a squeak. There was a look of surprise on everyone’s face when this happened, and I then suggested that their hand or wrist was squeaky and needed an oiling. Sometimes I’d wiggle their hand (gently) then try again. When there was another squeak I might say “You really do need that looked at” or “Maybe it’s my hand that needs an oiling”. In any event, this generated a lot of smiles and some laughs. Funny how routines develop…

    Thanks again for an informative and enjoyable Mooseburger Newz.

    Jack Kramer
    (aka Polyester)


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