1. Jeff Anderton

    Fun article!! But I’m wondering which is better, plastic or metal kazoos? Is there a difference in sound? By that I mean, do you get a better or stronger sound from the vibrations of the wax paper “vibrating” through the metal, or does the material the kazoo is made from make any difference at all?


    • Great question, Jeff! The metal ones will give a slightly deeper, more sonorous sound, whereas the plastic ones will be a higher pitch. But that is not really a big factor since the overall notes and strength are determined by the musician. We used to sell metal ones, but they were harder to decorate (nothing stuck to them) and they were cold to play in the winter. So we have changed to the plastic ones made in the United States and have found them just as loud and strong as the metal ones.

  2. JO ANN Klein Ihnat

    If you are ever in the NJ area….we would for you to lecture at our alley. If you can please contact me. I would love to give you a hug….I love and miss you so. My wellness journey is underway and your cards of support help lessen the tears. Pray to God for my Salvation to live a fruitful life. Amen.


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