• I would say that all face designs should make the best use of the muscles and bones in your face to maximize the expression.
      But I would say that it’s not like a lite Auguste clown. An elf is more like a theatrical character. It is much more subtle than a clown face.
      I’m not sure what to say in comparison to Euro face designs, since those are so diverse and have few “rules”. When you see a Euro face, you know it. But how do you “define” it with guidelines and rules?
      As clowns, we have to keep in mind that our face designs need to clearly say “clown” and not fall into that hazy grey are which could say “weirdo” because you’ve made no clear choice with your face design. A clown face should at least have white around the eyes, an expressive mouth, a red nose, for example.
      An elf, on the other hand, needs none of those things since it is a very subtle character design meant for close-up interaction.
      At least, that’s my take on it.
      What do you think?


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