1. dennis

    While I have spent considerable time defending against the scary clown proponents, both in person, in the press, and on television- I have to admit I am somewhat guilty of it myself. Let me explain. A while back I was asked to be in a film called “Vamp Bikers”. The director wanted a demonic looking clown. I knew he would get one if I said no. I talked him onto a worn out clown at the end of a long day. I used my own make-up with some harshness added, dripped the edges as if sweaty, all in all just the kind of make up i have spent twenty years getting away from. The only concession to his need for scary was a wild laugh and a bit with the vampires laughing at their recent attack. At the time I considered this the right move.

  2. Ricker Racker

    I was asked to be a Halloween clown this past weekend for a gig. I said that I would not be a scary clown but I would be happy to develop a Halloween “themed” clown that is not scary. I came up with my “Zany Candy Corn Clown”, Priscilla I believe you saw this on my Facebook page. People LOVED it but were not scared.


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