1. I have worked the same Halloween gig for the same person for the past 10 years. He’s a nurse and is truly afraid of clowns. His family always dresses in a theme i.e. Zombies, Alice in Winderland characters – even including the dog! I am plain clothes it’s one of the best events of the year for me!

  2. Marie

    I once went to a hollaween party as a CLOWN and all my FRIENDS asked me why. I said that I was representing the CLOWN CLUB , and I did not want everyone else to think that we were all weird, and yes I WAS SOUNDLY booed! Yours truley, PAINTDROPS the CLOWN

  3. Andy

    Thank you for submitting the latest interesting article “Halloween and Other Holidays for Clowns.” Also, agree we should avoid trying to fight the scary clown perception this time of year.

    I would like to submit methods clowns can actually perform and continue to hone their skills. If someone loves haunted houses/forests like I do, then humbly suggest volunteer or get paid to help haunt a haunted house. Your acting skills and working with an audience are definitely well used.

    The haunted house I help with is called Mad City Freak Show in Olin Park in Madison, WI. This year there are several rooms and hallways with scary clowns. Not one bit happy about having scary clowns. This haunted house raises money for charity to help homeless families get back on their feet. So despite them having scary clowns, I have volunteered to help haunt as a carnival worker (carny) in the games room. My props to creep people out are a rubber chicken with a squeaker and an orange bird puppet with a squeaker which chat with each other while I listen to their conversation.

    I have helped haunt this haunted house for the previous ten years as a warlock, bell hop, jester, insane asylum patient, werewolf, and mad scientist. So there are many different roles one can play besides a clown this time of year and still entertain. Any frustration and stress from work is channeled into the scare for the guests.

    These are my experiences which would like to share.


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