1. Josh

    I actually enjoyed the movie myself when I went to see it with my mom, the song “This is me” taught us all that no matter who we are or what we have, we are unique in our own way. I bloody well loved the bar scene with Hugh Jackman and Zac Efron in it, I got misty eyed during the circus was on fire though and Zac went in to save his one true love. ;n;

    However my mom and I did find the ending a bit corny but other than that it was still a great movie.

    I’m kinda guttered that I didn’t get to see the greatest show on earth myself actually, I would of loved to meet you and the gang in person Pricilla but life goes on and we always have the memories to look back at.

  2. Rosann Levy

    I loved the movie! Even though there were no clowns the movie it reenforced my reasons for being a clown. I became a clown 2 years ago and love what we stand for! Making people happy, making people laugh, making people feel good all add to my love for clowning. The overall message in the movie is beautiful i am glad to be a part of this awesome industry!

  3. Lorraine McCartney

    Hi Trish,
    Both JoAnn & myself went to see the Greatest Showman. It was like being on a roller coaster. So happy to Sad to Happy again. Yes, we would have liked to see clowns in the movie, but maybe in a later chapter! The music and message was so powerful. I think everyone should see this movie. After all we are all different and we all have somewhere we belong. It also shows how people though different can work together. Our country needs to come together, we could use a little P.T. Barnum. Thanks for sharing your review.
    Kookie (from NJ) and JoAnn too!

  4. Deanna Loewenhagen

    My husband and I saw the “Greatest Showman”. Both of us enjoyed the movie and the seats were filled in Sun Prairie, WI. Earlier this month, I saw the star, Hugh Jackman, promoting the movie on the Today Show. The announcer produced a photo of Hugh at age 21 as a Birthday Party clown. Hugh went on to tell his experience as a clown. It made me think of all the famous people who went into acting in movies or on TV started as a clown or a magician. Johnny Carson and Neil Patrick Harris were both magicians. Dr. Phil admits that he dressed as a clown for both his son’s birthdays and doesn’t consider people who wear costumes as “crazy” ! Some TV shows were based on clowns such as the long running Chicago BOZO show and Captain Kangaroo TV Show had clown Clarabell. Comedian Red Skeleton and movie star Ernest Borgine were the most famous. Ernest Borgine was given the honor of Grand Marshall of the Great Circus Parade in Milwaukee. The Circus was another way to become a famous Clown: Emmett, Lou and Frosty to name just a few. A movie about Circus promotes the world of clowns.

  5. Linda Dorasami

    Saw it at the insistence of our nearly 14 year old granddaughter. It really gave the viewer a life experience for many of the performers. I could feel the pain the side show people had felt as they’d been ridiculed and laughed at before they were part of the circus. It was well written and likely mostly historical. BTW – our grand is going again Sunday with more friends— she loved it!! And Me,too!!

  6. Strawberry

    I am not a circus clown but the movie made me feel so happy, as if I were a child again sitting watching the circus remembering that is how I decided to become a clown. I was so sad at the end to know it is gone and like Pricilla I will not get to share the wonder of it all with my grandchildren. There are lots of forms of entertainment out there but there is nothing like the circus.


  7. I first read The Art of Money Making, by Phineas Thomas Barnum, when traveling on the circus train. That, coupled with much of the glitz and glamour of the show enticed me to be a clown on a professional level… Ummm, yeah. My life has since derailed and I’m trying to get back on track, if it’s not too late by the end of next month, I’ll apply for another scholarship to your beloved camp, gotta take care of taxes first.
    Digress I must, to talk up the film. Yes it’s a soapy musical to pull on the heart strings. A far cry from Hugh Jackman’s last movie with song and dance (to be fair, I’ve still yet to finish reading Les Miserables), still I loved it and might go watch it again next time I’m at the theaters. Cheers.


  8. I saw The Greatest Showman twice, once was not enough for me. The movie hit home for me in more ways than one. I’ve always enjoyed the comradery among the performers I’ve had the pleasure to meet and perform with over the years.

    This past year I had the pleasure of attending Moosecamp. When I left, I was on cloud nine. Outside of the knowledge I took away, the feeling I had when I left, I hadn’t felt in a long time, the feeling of belonging. There are just no words for me to explain how grateful I am of everyone at Mooseburgers. From the staff to the fellow campers.

    This movie, and the great soundtrack, just reminds me that I do belong. This is Me!!!


  9. I enjoyed the movie very much an entertaining time , P.T. would like the way it was done
    The story & the man P.T. Barnum always fascinated me .
    At the very end during the credits the quote below was shown
    P. T. Barnum
    “The Noblest Art Is That Of Making Others Happy “
    Made me think “ Yes”
    I think we all can relate to it


  10. I was expecting a large platform to teach people about P.T. Barnum as a documentary film. And I don’t like musicals. So I was disappointed with the film in general. I can agree it was a feel good, well polished production…..If that is what you are looking for, then by all means go see it. But as far as the historical accuracy it fell flat for me.

  11. Jack Kramer

    We saw it with a bunch of the neighbors on New Year’s Eve. There were quite a few other people in the theater, and everyone had nothing but positive comments after the show. As noted, unfortunately there were no clowns depicted in the movie, and they were actually a very important part of the RBB&B experience. I remember seeing both Lou Jacobs and Emmett Kelly at the circus when I was a child, and I think that experience instilled in me the thought that “It sure looks like something fun to try!”


  12. I just saw it yesterday afternoon and, like you, there was only me and one other person in the show.

    My foot was tapping and smiles to came to my face and a tear or two.

    Although I never had the opportunity to perform in the RBBBC I could feel all that I had learn after to times at Moose Camp.

    The joy, sadness and the dreams all came true in the movie.

    If you haven’t seen it, it’s a must see


  13. We attended two of your week long Clown camps. Can you believe we are still performing after 20 years! We perform at no charge now but once earning $750 per party. Now we perform at Children’s Health Faires, hospitals, charity fundraisers,Boys and Girls Clubs, Rotary events, Park and Recreation events, Salvation Army, Saint Vincent de Paul heavy military.
    You taught us all the skills we needed to launch our Clown Ministry.
    Thank you for you dedicated and good work.
    Sam & Pam Frazier


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