1. Les

    Very insightful article. I suffer from dysthemia and double depression, lost my father a year ago and have an overall bad health. I’m not a professional clown, I serve as first responder / medic at rallies and demonstrations in a clowned-up combat dress. My primary job is de-escalation, protecting hurt people and first aid for all sides when things get out of control. I operate alone and face a lot of rejection for what I do, plus criminal prosecution (sorry for the fake mail account). It’s a hard job but patching up people and getting a smile is reward enough. So while I’m not exactly clown-by-the-book, I’m one of you. Thank you for all those helpful lines.

    a german emergency clown


  2. Thank you for this insightful, compassionate article. I especially love your lesson from the life of Eeyore with his friends in the forest. So “right on.” As we all purpose to be more like them, we can help lift, carry and love those who are dealing with these issues. Thanks again.

  3. DonB

    Well said.

    About 10 years ago I hit the low spot of depression. It’s a tough spot, and almost unexplainable what my mind was thinking

    However, thanks to two people that said, “We’re going to get through this, together,” we did.

    Thanks for sharing this post, Trisha.

  4. Rita Winter

    Thanks Trish! As clowns we need to take care of each other. I’ve dealt with clinical depression for years and this last year has been pretty dark. A friend finally talked me into seeing my Doc and she added on a new med. It’s supposed to be fast acting and it appears to be.
    Last week my only first cousin died in my arms! I made it thru that and all of the aftermath.
    The only reason I’m sharing so openly is that I want people to know that help is out there! I’m one of the last people that most would expect to be depressed. After all I’m a clown! Depression isn’t logical, there is no why? It just is!

  5. Brian

    Thank you so much! Your words are right on the money. Robin Williams was one of my icons and someone that I will miss. I won’t say I “understand” what he endured, but you are right that so many of us have similar struggles. I feel good knowing that I have so many in the clown community that ‘know what I mean’.
    Keep up the awesomr content. You are an amazing resource in so many ways.


  6. I suffer from MDD and PTSD and ADD. That makes my life somewhat complicated. As a professional clown, I am expected to be “on” 24/7/365. While I truly enjoy being a clown, I still have days where all I want to do is stay in bed. It is those days when I lean on my Emotional-Support Animal, Portia, the most. Sometimes, she is the only thing that gets me up and about. She insists on being walked. I encourage any depressed person to get their own ESA. Dog is Love.

  7. splashtheclown

    Working on dealing with death of my mom april 6th and my wife 4yrs june 20th and brother aug 1 5years. by being a clown it gives me opportunity to bring joy to myself and others and share a smile and my gifts.. if only for a short times with the LOrd’s help and others everyday is beginning to be easier most of the time.

  8. Karen Hoyer

    Thank you. The reminder to “be present,” to “check in — even if they do not respond” was good for me to hear. Sometimes we lucky ones who were given the gift of an optimistic outlook can become exasperated by the Eeyores in our life, we make the mistake of seeing it as a needy bid for attention when it is actually real despair and hopelessness. We are lucky to be living in a time when mental illness has less of a stigma, but we still have to work to be understanding and patient with the difficulties it causes.

  9. Pat Miller

    Thank you.
    Your comments were so right on. I hope you don’t mind if I share them with my family. I have been having trouble finding the right words to discuss this with my teenage and pre-teen grandchildren. Your words will make it easier to talk to them.
    You are so special and I so appreciate you.


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