1. Charles "Chuckles" Lord

    You can never tell the effect you will have. I am frequently asked, “Why I am a clown?” I almost always tell this story of being at our Shrine Circus. One of the other members came in and asked some of us to go to a hospice as there was a twelve year old there that had been born with AIDS and he was nearing the end. He loved clowns. Between two of our Saturday shows, seven of us piled into my car and got over there. The next half hour for him was magical. He explained he wanted to go to the circus so he could take part in the bicycle raffle we held each show. We held a special raffle right there and then and by good fortune he won! We conferred a clown name on him, “Nyuck” and taught him the special super-secret clown handshake that we made up on the spot. There was no way we as clowns could do for his health what the doctors did. There was no way the doctors could do for his life what we clowns did. We made him forget what he was living through for thirty minutes and he was well aware of it. Two of the clowns delivered the bike he won on Wednesday. We got word that he passed on Thursday. Later we were told that Nyuck’s mom gave the bike to his friend that had stayed with him his whole life. Seven clowns were touched deeply that day by a twelve year old that brought them into a magical half hour of joy.

  2. Jack "Polyester" Kramer

    A few years ago when I first started clowning (at the age of 72) I was at a charity spring festival. I didn’t have a lot of jokes or routines in my repertoire yet, but I was entertaining the families waiting in line for a face painter. I had a bunny puppet that I used with the very young kids, and eventually the kids started picking up blades of grass to feed to the bunny puppet. They never seemed to tire of this … and there were a lot of young children who wanted to feed the puppet. This wasn’t “in the script”! Eventually this somehow evolved into a game of hide and seek (I don’t remember how this happened) and everything became impromptu. It was like I was back playing with my grandchildren again and I was having a ball. But the topper was when I finally quit and a little girl of about 4 years old in the group wrapped her arms around me and gave me a big hug. The glow from that moment still drives my clowning!


  3. I worry about looking too old to do birthday parties. I just did a bd party at a bounce place this last weekend for twin boys, 7yrs old. The one more talkable than the other…He said say something funny…So of course I said “Something Funny” …. he said that isn’t funny..then he laughed. I did a couple funny antics then he said, “You smell good!” And I said, “but I taste funny”! And he laughed and laughed. We really had a fun time! One of the little girls asked if I would come to her birthday party…I told her to ask her mom. Before I left Mom asked for my card…She actually called me a couple of days ago and wants me to come for her daughters party this Sunday. Although I was booked during the time she wanted she moved her time later so I could be there…her daughter really wanted me at her party! A double whammy from the same party!!! It’s times like this that reinforces my reasons why I do what I do. Like the seventy year old basking in the glow…I felt so blessed and happy that I am a clown and not working for AT&T!!!


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