1. Brian Fason

    I enjoy clowning every week. I host a 1 hour paitent bingo show 2 times a week with fellow clowns i know at a major hospital here home. I across lots of people from all walks of life. We visit the winners of the show and do special requests visits. Some people are excited to see me. Some people are like yikes and start running. Usually what gets people to warm up to me that are afraid are my big clown shoes, juggling, and my certified trained hospital clown patches I wear on my costumes. Everyone i come across i try to educate them on what clowning is all about and what clowns do. I also enjoy telling them my clown story of how i got into clowning, that clowning is my calling in life, and how much fun clowning around can be. I also hand out clown cards ive had made to everyone I come across. On the back my clown cards i have the definition of what a clown is, what clowns do and what clowns don’t do. I agree with mathew spraggins. The more we refer to these wrong doers as clowns the worse it will be for us clowns. I think the big reason these people dress up posing as such scaring people etc. Is that they are crying out for attention. The more the news media reports on it the more others will say hey i can get my “5 minutes of fame” to. Clowning is my life and i will fight to the death to keep the good name of clowning alive. I wish these wrong doers would do something positive with their life and leave us clowns alone.

  2. Ray Leeman

    I have a friend who is a new Shrine Clown. He is going to be a great clown, but he has a Facebook friend who is scared of clowns. He thinks posting photos of scary clowns to tease this friend is funny. I have tried to explain to him that photos of scary clowns should not be posted for any reason. I have gotten other friends to not post this type of photo. I will keep working with this friend. My whole point is, if you see any scary photos posted, let the person know this is not appropriate and why. Let’s all work together to stop this type of posting.


  3. I truly think we are doing a misjustice to true clowns when we call these scary clowns “clowns”. I looked up the definition of “clown”:

    noun: 1. a comic entertainer, especially one in a circus, wearing a traditional costume and exaggerated makeup.

    Notice the word “and” in there? “and exaggerated makeup”. Just wearing exagerated makeup does NOT make anyone a clown. They must also be a “comic entertainer”. We know this to mean, bringing joy, smiles and happiness to others. A lighter, happier side to life.

    So clearly, those creepy “people” wearing the costumes and exagerated makeup are NOT clowns. They are creeps. A clown is how you act. Not how you dress. We need to stop calling them “CLOWNS” because they are NOT clowns. If wearing creepy makeup made you a clown then I know a lot of women who would fall into that category as well.

    Maybe “anti-clown”, “fakes”,”fools” or “idiots” would be better for them?

    The bottom line is, they are giving us a bad name. That we can not stand for. And if we keep calling them by the same title I hold dear they will continue to give us a bad name. I am a “clown”. You are a “clown”. They are NOT “clowns”!


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