1. Jim "Cully" Culpepper

    One of the problem with clowning today, is the scary clown craze. These guys are ruining the clown idea which is to spread a little happiness and smiles. These are making clowns thought of as evil. Kids are afraid and do not trust clowns anymore – parents either. I like the idea to dress down – not so much – a nose, silly hat, and a modified costume. Thanks for your news letter and sharing ideas – it really helps a clown on a small budget. Also, thanks for the inspiration to keep trying.


    • Thanks for reading, Cully! I appreciate your comment. I agree that the “scary clowns” made it hard for the rest of us to get a laugh these days. But I’ve written about 5 or 6 articles examining the problem and ways to get back to doing what we do best DESPITE those “creepy clowns”. I encourage you to read them and share them with your fellow clowns:
      And as for your thoughts on dressing down, I hope you have some time to read my article where I address that phenomenon, too:
      Keep up the great work, Cully! 🙂


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