1. Ruth H James

    You have my help…
    An email takes only a few key strokes but helps people see the bigger reality of circus arts and clowning.
    With the world today the news stations broadcast so much hatred & sadness. The counterbalance of laughter and awe and smiles has to be recognized somewhere. Let it begin with clowning.

    A red nose is just a red nose until you put it on. Then, the magic begins inside us and those watching. Watching the happy twinkle in eyes, both young and old … that’s what clownings essence is all about, and yet we’re SO much more.
    The world needs this, now more than ever!

    Bump a Nose;
    Whispers~the clown~

  2. Judy Glazier [Whinot]

    I wish the cards and this article had appeared sooner. I gave up clowning this year primarily due to the negative and fearful reactions to my character. I do hope you and our cohorts can turn this perception around.


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