1. Billy Herron

    I came across this article this evening. 5 days ago we said goodbye to my Dad. He has been my Dad, friend, mentor and our families rock. Dad took me to my first Shriner’s Circus many years ago, as he was a Shriner and volunteered for every event he could. I was very proud the first Circus i dressed out for, and he had a tear in his eye when he seen the pictures. I hope time will easy the emptiness and bring back the clown smile. Thank you for all of the articles,the wonderful costumes you have made for me and makeup tips.

    Uncle Willie
    Alhambra Shrine Clowns


    • My heart goes out to you during this tough time. I’m glad you found my articles; I sincerely hope they help you. Thanks for the comment.

  2. Tiny E. Nuff

    Unfortunately there has been many historic days since I was asked to help in the Healing In the Heartland (OKC bombing 1995). We were there for the grieving survivors and families but don’t get tunnel vision. We also spent many hrs w/ the rescue workers from all over America. And to make things worse a bad batch of balloons. Nothing like making everyone jump ever 5-10 balloons. CLOWNING 4 Him, Tiny E. Nuff (5’22”)


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