1. Robert Hitchcock

    About 20 years ago I was part of the clown unit in Chicago’s Medina Shriner organization when we were keeping the circus attendees entertained while the seating area was being cleaned between shows.
    I came upon a young woman who had her 3 children lined up – youngest to oldest next to her. Without saying anything I grabbed a chair and sat opposite the youngest and held up my hands so we could play Pat-y-cake. We started, sped up and when we couldn’t keep up with each other I stopped and moved to the next older. Then on to the next. And finally on to the Mother. At this point she seemed a little surprised that I was expecting her to play. But when she realized that it was really her turn she seemed to shake off all the responsibilities she had burdened herself with and permitted the 10 year old that was hiding inside to come out and play. We had a good time – didn’t say a word and when we were done she jumped up and gave me a hug.
    So it isn’t necessary to say anything to communicate.


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