1. Iris Whittkaer

    On the trip home, my roommate and traveling companion regaled the person sitting next to her on the both planes with her experiences in clowning 101. It was great to wittness her enthusiasm and excitement. I loved watching her blossom under the tutelage of the expert staff. She had a person who confessed being afraid of clowns, rethinking her position. Of course, I myself loved every minute I was there. It would be very difficult to pick only one moment as my favorite. Thanks to all the staff… You’re Great!


    • Oh, how I love to hear stories like that! I’m glad you were able to bring her, Iris. What a great time for the two of you!

  2. Andy Alles (Professor Pi)

    A few of my favorite things for 2015:

    Viewing a new clowns character and costume that is as creative and delightful as previous characters.

    The support shared from everyone during the All American Clown Show on Saturday.

    Sharing skills, teaching, and learning new balloon art.

    Sharing laughter with fellow clowns during the pie demonstration with the duck and cover method. Also sharing this delightful experience of bringing laughter with a very nice clown and friend, Laura, M.

    What are a few of your favorite things from 2015?

  3. Alene Kraus

    My favorite part of Mooseburger Clown Camp, other than everything, is the ability to talk with and learn from all of the other clowns and the amazing instructors. It is a positive life experience. I am coming back in 2016, ’cause I just can’t imagine not being there!


    • Yes! Those meal-time conversations and little walking-down-the-hall chats are EXCELLENT learning opportunities. So glad you came, Alene.

  4. Tripp the Clown (0=

    What’s NOT to love about Mooseburger Clown Arts Camp? From being a volunteer in Miss Moose’s new gag in The Staff show, to getting a plate smashed over my head in clown gimmicks and gags class taught by THE Greg DeSanto, to getting pied in the face before finale at the All Star Clown show!! And everything in between from the awesome class on Solo Show Success taught by Sean Carlock to all the amazing workshops throughout the week taught by the best staff around! 2016 here I come! Bump a nose! (0=


    • Lots of great memories, Tripp. Thanks for immediately catching on to the “chicken dance” song, even though it’s not as popular on the East Coast as it is here in the Midwest!

  5. Jessica

    So many favorite moments! I guess one of the best would be the first time we rehearsed our ballet all the way through and it went well! Also, the easy to understand Priscilla Bruce Burger cake 🙂 Every moment at camp – from the challenging to the routine and everything in between – is my favorite!

  6. Bonnie-Jean Brown

    A few of my favorite memories:
    Seeing the staff cheering us on and handing out the hugs as we step off the bus.
    Seeing a favorite clown’s daughter on the cell phone and sending our love while she is on the road with the circus
    When a wife dawns a clown costume for the first time and seeing the speechless surprised look in her husbands face.
    A golden horn!!!!
    Never quitting!!!!
    Clowning around at VBS with 2 big time clowns and not feeling like a third wheel. The best.
    Learning new magic tricks from the big FB
    The scream pie face ( I will post the pic soon)
    All the love, hugs, and support from the “family of clowns”


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